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    Battlefront II update: Microtransactions return, but Lootboxes are not purchasable

    Well, I think it is. I for one like to play those kinds of games solo (Lost Planet 2 and Resident Evil: ORC spring to mind) and I'm clearly not alone in that mindset. Furthermore, I imagine some people like to open it solo for practice, map memorization etc. You know, really competitive peeps...
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    Metal Gear Survive open beta starts today, ends the 21st Jan

    Yeah I tried the beta yesterday with a friend. We didn't go in with high hopes, and admittedly we don't exactly want it to succeed. ... which is why we were annoyed that we were enjoying it. At least initially. It's a fun concept really, bro-op scavenging and fighting off monsters with...
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    Anyone get the hate for Skyrim?

    I hate Skyrim, so I can try and field this one. Skyrim at it's core feels like the epitome of a Triple A game; strip out some depth and add some flashing lights and start hyping up the 'NEXT ELDER SCROLLS GAME! THE RPG YOU PLAY HOW YOU WANT TO PLAY!' I also just recently woke up so my...
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    Netflix's "The Punisher", first 20 minutes

    It was... okay. To be honest, thinking back on it I didn't really like it. But then when I watched it I was there because friends wanted to watch it and watching stuff together is usually enjoyable, got some good laughs out of it in that regard. But overall I found the writing to be weak, so...
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    Xbox One X: thoughts on the reviews and 4K gaming in general

    Like many posts in this thread it will be echoing points, but Sony and the PC basically has my needs covered. Even then, even if Xbox One does get an exclusive I'd like, I have a perfectly good PC to run it on. Microsoft really shot themselves in the foot there. So as a consumer I have little...
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    Wolfenstien: The New Colossus first review

    To me the game feels like it's trying too hard. Admittedly I never played the first one, maybe it was campy as shit. But it feels like it's trying too hard to be 80's action camp. Don't get me wrong, 80's action camp is great, especially stuff out of Italy. This is based solely on preganant...
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    Why can't we like things without ruining it? Rick and Morty x McDonalds.

    It's funny, I'd kinda forgotten the show had brought up the sauce, even despite people getting sent promotional bottles of the stuff. I ain't going to say I saw this coming, but there were definitely alarm bells going off when I first encountered Pickle Rick. It was one of those 'Aw hell, the...
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    Never Enough "FUCK YOUS" For Bethesda

    I imagine there are, Bethesda is one of those companies that has built up a fairly rabid fanbase. I mean, this is probably putting a lot of faith in Bethesda, but I imagine the Creation Club would have been pulled by now if it wasn't getting anything. OT: You know how you expect someone to do...
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    PUBG devs threaten "action" against Fortnite Battle Royale

    Well y'know, if you're trying to get 100 million players, you gotta knock off all the other competition. Can't have them stealing your players. Kinda glad I never picked this up, devs seem more and more like money-hungry assholes. As if Fortnite, a Zombie Survival game is making THAT MUCH of...
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    Things you like from stuff you don't

    I was just discussing this with someone earlier today, but I was never really a fan of Re:Zero. It never really grabbed me, maybe I was fatigued with the whole scenario, maybe I didn't like Subaru. I'm not sure but the show rubbed me the wrong way. But you know that scene where... I should...
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    Zero Punctuation: Fifth Console Generation

    In my house we went from Atari to Nintendo to Super Nintendo to Playstation 1. All my friends had N64s and to this day I still wonder how on Earth people used the N64 controller? This is coming from someone who, as a child, had hangups about games forcing him to use analog sticks (Adult me...
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    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Now Has More Concurrent Players Than GTA 5

    Man I don't even care about PUBG, I just want to know why so many damn people are still playing Fallout 4. Breaks my heart. It's gonna get the Skyrim treatment so hard with like 1/10th of the mods.
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    Has a game's size ever influenced your purchase?

    Yeah, a bit. Mostly because I'm too spooked to install a new bigger hard-rive in my PC and I have no friends around at the moment capable of doing it. Curse my cripple hands and the pain of plugging and unplugging my computer. Also Australian data caps. I've had Max Payne 3 in my library for...
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    The Xbox One X Is Official, Here's Everything You Need To Know

    Ahh, don't underestimate the power of a shinier game box on your TV. Hell, I know people who are going to buy it because shinier Xbox, they even have the original Xbone AND and Xbone S. Whether it be some kind of twisted status symbol or the mere novelty, people will just buy it. That said...
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    The Villain Wins?

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Game Theory-esque Philosophical discussions aside... Well, X-Com 2 state the aliens won after the first one, so there's that I guess? To get a little more obscure, Reina Kamisu Scatters Here could count to an extent I suppose.