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    Netflix's The Witcher

    Preach! I especially agree about the world not feeling like it exists. The bloom in the visuals also annoys me. The shots aren't very well framed. The dialogue is stiff and largely uninteresting. The aesthetic decision to let them speak with a modern-day vocabulary is also quite jarring. The...
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    Escapist heading in "a new direction"

    Thanks. It's been a bit of a hobby of mine to come have a look at the escapist once a year or so ever since things started going downhill. It's quite fascinating how long the site has been able to stay alive in its ghost town state. I'm being snarky for the fun of it, but I do actually wish...
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    What are some things you "should" be ashamed of, but you're PROUD of it instead?

    Why not? As for myself... I'm not sure I can think of anything. I'll let you guys be the judge of how shameful that thing is.
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    Escapist heading in "a new direction"

    Ok, so I've been away since... Let me see... I last came to visit when Russ Pitts announced he would try to resuscitate this site. It seems like his attempts went approximately how you'd expect CPR on a bloated rotting corpse to turn out. At least the forums are still alive dangling here...
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    Avatars vs usernames

    I recognize people by usernames more reliably, but the avatar is what I get attached to so long as the user doesn't change it often. I've kept mine the same since some user animated it for me in a March Madness thread in 2011 or something.
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    The current state of the forums. (statistics)

    Hi there. Just passing by. I reckon the quote messages are still broken so my posting here has been mostly reduced to just leaving a comment in passing whenever I come by for a bit of nostalgia. Keep on keeping on. The forums have taken on a fun new flavour in my opinion. Like a band of...
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    Quoting Notifications Are Missing

    Lol, seems like my quoting notifications crapped out again. Still, I don't think the kind of search trend you see on google trends can happen without people losing an interest in his videos.
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    Quoting Notifications Are Missing

    How many views did he use to get in total though? Gotta say that's pretty fascinating, seeing a website off life support. Someone has to be posting the videos, so I'm guessing there is at least one staff member or something. Of course, they don't need to have access to the code.
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    Quoting Notifications Are Missing

    Dang.... So the site is basically a zombie. No wonder bits and pieces are falling off. Reading the open letter, I got a little hopeful that maybe the forum could continue to run as a volunteer effort, but if no one has access to the code then even the grace of a benevolent programmer won't...
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    Quoting Notifications Are Missing

    Is there no one with access to the code? Has DEFY left the site entirely without anyone doing maintenance?
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    Archiving The Escapist

    Holy shit, is that the state of things? I was wondering why the front page hadn't been updated to show the most recent videos. Seems like the escapist has slowly become more and more of a ghost town between each time I come back to visit. What a downer. This place carries so much nostalgia...
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    Best cartoons of the 2010s.

    Of the shows I've watched? Rick and Morty Bojack Horseman Kill la Kill Nichijou One punch man Adventure time
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    Poll: Why do you post on these forums?

    I don't, anymore. Lately, I haven't even been keeping up with ZP, which was the last thing I kept using this site for. Fitting, considering it was the first thing I came here for back in 2007. It boggles my mind that Yahtzee hasn't jumped ship off this shitshow. And apparently my avatar is...
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    New Code of Conduct

    I'd understand not being allowed to advocate drug use, but not being allowed to talk about it...? Surprisingly, no.
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    Um, is this supposed to happen?

    WITCH!!!! YOU MUST BE BURNED AT THE STAKE IMMEDIATELY!!! In all seriousness though, thanks.