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    Batman the Killing Joke Animated Teaser Trailer.

    That wasn't much of a trailer, but I'd love to see the movie nonetheless! It seems as if the art style has been changed a bit. I'm not liking that if it is related to Batman:TAS.
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    Its times like this I am glad I was not an 80s kid.

    I just watch the original shows. After I saw the 1st transformers movie, I vowed NEVER to watch another remake. It's like hollywood is going out of its way to give us 80s kids the middle finger. Also, I wish traditional animation would come back. I'm sick of this CGI bullshit! CGI isn't all bad...
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    Things to do before you die

    That's a great way to live. I try to live like this, but I find myself wanting female companionship and comfort. It certainly makes life a lot more stressful than it needs to be.
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    Things to do before you die

    I have to visit Japan and China! I want to tour china's historic sites and learn a lot the different histories. It was just be so fascinating. Japan on the other hand would be the same kind of trip, but being able to be around otaku like myself would be a dream come true regardless of what...
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    Poll: Fantasy or Scifi?

    I do lean heavily torwards Fantasy, but excellent sci-fi is great to enjoy. I do believe it comes down to which medium it's portrayed in. I think books are better for fantasy, but I believe TV or movies for sci-fi
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    Poll: Favorite type of Magic!?

    Demonic magic! But physic/mind magic nearly ties. Nothing like summoning the demons of hell to do your bidding(while using strange incantations). I also like seeing the power of the mind at work. There's nothing worse than being attacked by someone can torture you with their mind. Scary stuff if...
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    Does height matter anymore?

    Finally someone else that understands! It's hard being a really short guy. It just seems like nothing you do will ever change your luck. Money,the gym,confidence. It just feels like a sales pitch to make you think you can improve your odds. I've seen tall guys that possessed none of those...
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    Does height matter anymore?

    Again, nobody in this thread is seeing this from my perspective. Height doesn't matter to all the tall people responding in this thread. You don't think about it, because it's not a negative to people of average height on up. It apparently doesn't really affect women to a large degree unless...
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    Does height matter anymore?

    Guess I'll add my 2 cents into this thread. 5'3"(?? in the metric system) is my height!!! Never thought about my height at all for most of my life. I never knew I was short. I'm no virgin by a long shot, BUT once I realized it Pandora's box couldn't be closed back up. Everyday deep down in my...
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    Poll: How tall are you?

    I'm 5'3" I'm a guy. That has got to make me one of the shortest on this thread.
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    Do you consider most shonen/shojo anime to be Japan's "tween shows"?

    That may be true, but I've devoted most of my life to the medium. I've seen that devotion rewarded time and time again. Gems like Ergo Proxy,Kikaider,Serial Experiments Lain,Eva,Legend of Galactic Heroes,Record of Lodoss War,Beserk,Grappler Baki,Haibane Renmei,Monster, and Ghost in the Shell...
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    Do you consider most shonen/shojo anime to be Japan's "tween shows"?

    That is not true! I've seen PLENTY of shows that were for adults. Granted they are still outnumbered by all the teen/tween shows. The fact that they exist means that your statement is false. Hell, I'm currently watching Galaxy Express 999. Call that a show for teens! I dare you!
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    Do you consider most shonen/shojo anime to be Japan's "tween shows"?

    Not necessarily. I'll use Naruto as my example. It started out as a pretty immature show, but most of the way it had some pretty complex issues being weaved into the overall story. There is quite a bit of drama,polical intrigue, and quite a few heart wrenching moments along the way. It hooked me...
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    Why do you like fantasy books?

    All I read is fantasy. I like having a blank slate where anything is possible. I often times tend to like universes where magic can exist, or comes to being. I'm currently still reading the saga of recluce. Damn long series, but it's been a good read. It doesn't seem longer than "The Wheel of...
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    First glimpse of the Rebooted Red Mighty Morphing Power Ranger

    I like the poster even it's fan made. I saw the short film that was released, and I thought it was quite bad ass. I was in my late teens when power rangers came out here in the US, and a reboot like the fan made project would be quite welcome by me. All we're going to get is just opinions in...