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    Is the iPhone destroying traditional gaming?

    Is the iPhone destroying traditional gaming? Of course not... at least not in the traditional sense. It would be easy to think that gaming is being torn apart, since traditional gaming generally means whatever Nintendo is cooking in the kitchen. Nintendo use to bring us beautiful pies and...
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    How can I promote my gaming blog?

    Yikes! Didn't know I would open Pandora's box on this one. Probably should have though. Well, we can basically shut this thread down since the general consensus is: "Not here!". Lol Thanks guys! I guess I'll post some stuff on here and see what people think. Profile was updated to have the...
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    How can I promote my gaming blog?

    You can put it (the link) in your profile. Shoving the link into your 'few word thread' is against the rules? Probably. There is no discussion here other than self promotion. I think that is against the rules? Possibly. You should edit your OP as quickly as possible. Definitely.
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    Check Out The Escapist At PAX East 2012

    Why is it ya'll can never get Yahtzee to come to these things? Is it because he's in Australia, or because his hermit-itis acts up when travel is talked about?
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    March Mayhem got me suspended on Twitter.

    Do not let it send your votes to Twitter. They will ban you!
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    Bone Films Snag New Director And Writer

    BONE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Kingdom Hearts... wait what?

    Not the chronological order. The order they should be played in. Out of order can ruin story surprises. Like watching the prequel trilogy of Star Wars before the Original would ruin the surprise of Luke being Vader's son.
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    Kingdom Hearts... wait what?

    You'll need a few different consoles to get the whole story. It is annoying as hell, but I love them anyways. Luckily, the order to play them in is the order of release. Kingdom Hearts (PS2) Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (GBA)(or Re:Chain of Memories on PS2. Same game.) Kingdom Hearts 2...
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    Why Movies Suck Now Part Two: The Reality

    Has anyone else noticed that he TOTALLY called Transformers 3 making over a billion dollars?
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    Extra Punctuation: A Hard Weapon Is Good to Find

    Oh I enjoy it all (maybe programming the least), but it can still provide a challenge. I started working with game maker to work on the programming, majored in art and graphic design to work on my artistic skills, and have been in various bands and worked with music programs to work on creating...
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    600 Points, No Deaths, One Rescued Princess

    He's clearly hitting the piranha plants
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    Extra Punctuation: A Hard Weapon Is Good to Find

    I can program in Game Maker. At least, I think I can. Lol. Nothing too fancy. I am just not good at making sprites and people.
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    Extra Punctuation: A Hard Weapon Is Good to Find

    People don't always appreciate all the little things, but it's worse when the developers don't. You have to really study everything about a game to get the full effect. I wanna be a game developer, but so far it's been daunting. Right now I'm a crew of one man doing the programming, graphics...
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    About Critics (Part II)

    "Thusly, while I won't cop to any kind of bias against one "side" or the other, I'll freely admit to being quite proudly biased against stupidity, injustice and lies - if and when I come up against a "creationist" film (stupidity) I'm probably going to be inclined to kick the crap out of it...
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    Sony Torturing Lonely Man in the Desert

    My bet is Uncharted 3