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    Unskippable: One Piece: Unlimited World Red - The Seven Seas Got Weird

    I laughed harder at this than I've laughed at anything recently. Great episode!
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    Stop. Hammer Time

    Oof. That last event with Jane Foster. Were I in her shoes, I probably would've been just LIL bit pissed off at Odin...
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    Previews: The Legend of Korra Gameplay Preview

    This looks like it could be really fun! Certainly seems like you feel more like the Avatar than with the Last Airbender games at the very least. Platinum Games has yet to develop a really bad gaming experience, so I'm hopeful that this'll be a great time. Hopeful, but cautious.
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    Fez Creator: YouTubers Are "Stealing" Content From Game Developers

    I can understand where Fish is coming from, but I just don't agree with his sentiment. A LP or Live Stream channel can regularly play a game created by a certain developer. More often than not, the people tuning into these channels to watch these videos are tuning to watch or listen to the...
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    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review - Wall Staller

    Accurate review. This game was just okay. Beat it in a few sittings, returned it, and probably won't touch it again.
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    Escape to the Movies: You Are Wrong About Spider-Man 3

    Interesting. Certainly adds some new perspective to a movie that I never like at all. Dunno if I still like it all that much. It's still a disjointed mess of a movie, with too many dumb, unnecessary sub plots, but it does have its moments of genuine good scattered throughout. I'll have...
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    Candy Crush Dev: Microtransactions Are The Future of Games

    Free to Play is an excellent business model when used well. It keeps a game active, and customers happy. However, that does not mean that it should be incorporated into every type of game on the market.
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    Escape to the Movies: 300: Rise of an Empire

    I enjoyed the HELL outta this movie. It was fun, pretty, and epic in both its fight scenes and the overarching picture it was painting of a united Greece taking on a giant military power. And Eva Green. Holy crap. She is legitimately the coolest character on display here. That scene...
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    It's Not Cosplay

    If I've learned anything in my many years of gaming, it's that you can never go wrong with a gimp suit. Also, I appreciate the little call out to Starbomb at the bottom of the comic!
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    Escape to the Movies: Robocop

    Kinda wished Bob had touched on the effects of the movie a bit. I mean, it at least LOOKS good based on the trailers I've seen, but that's really all I can say about it.
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    Would you date your avatar?

    Considering he's an underage child who talks to a hat, I think I'm gonna pass. I'd love to sit down and just talk with him though. I'm sure he's got the best stories!
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    Escape to the Movies: Thor: The Dark World

    I loved the movie. I thought it was a good ol' time with some pretty awesome action sequences and genuinely funny moments. Did feel a bit rushed at times, but I can forgive that though. My overall enjoyment of the movie however, was hampered by all the Loki fans who would NOT shut up...
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    NYCC 2013: Cosplay Gallery - Day 1

    That Blade Wolf cosplay is the hypest shit!
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    Sonic Lost World Review - Beauty Is Only Quill Deep

    Welp my heart is broken! Guess I'll just go back to playing Sonic Generations!
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    The Big Picture: Schlocktober 2013: Puppet Master

    I might actually have to check this out. Off to my local video store!