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    Hololens Dev Kits Are Coming This Month, Cost $3,000

    Is pic 3 teasing a conker ar game? (on topic) Hololens could be really cool but considering what they have been showing us so far it just seems the tech is way to young to be worth it for a good long time.
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    Google's AI Masters Go Board Game A Decade Early

    What's probably going to happen is that other job fields are going to get more competitive as robots/computers push humans out of low level job types. I wonder if we will see an increase in schools focusing on skill sets distinct to humans like art or design?
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    Return of the PS2 Games - Three Star Wars Classics Land On PS4

    Its a shame all of the best star wars games were on xbox (republic commando and kotor)
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    Watch this Trailer for Metal Gear Solid Fan Remake Shadow Moses

    the best thing they can do right now to save the project is take down the trailer from youtube, delete their twitter and Facebook pages for the game, then rename the project to something else. They have been saying that "we will need (Konami's) full permission. We... openly share this...
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    Adam Sandler's Ridiculous Six Is Breaking Netflix Viewership Records

    If this does better than Hateful 8 I think Tarantino might cry.
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    Super Mario Maker: Share Thread. I just made a puzzle level called "enemy manipulation". Almost all of the puzzles in the level have to be solved by using enemy behaviors and interactions inventively. The level has 6 puzzles and a boss. I'm pretty...
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    The Silver Surfer Returns to Earth in a New Comic Next Month

    Man, The Silver Surfer sure looks flamboyant on that cover.
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    Chewbacca Arrested While Campaigning For Darth Vader

    considering the exchange rate of Hryvnia (Ukraine's currency) to USD is around 23 dollars per Hryvnia dollar this guy probably will be eating pretty light for the next few nights.
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    "YouTube Red" is YouTube's New, Ad-skipping $10-a-Month Premium Service

    if it was 5 dollars a month maybe but 10 dollars is a bit much for the amount of services they are providing in my opinion.
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    Visit Sunny Chernobyl - We Have Wolves Now!

    Wait... animals taking over a place where humans used to live after a disaster? And the animals have to worry about radiation poisoning?! Guys I think Tokyo Jungle is real.
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    This Avant-Garde Simpsons Couch Gag Is Like a Bad Acid Trip

    speaking as an animator the drawing may be a bit crude but the motion is pretty fluid and seems work for what the artist wanted to get across in the work. I admit the iconography is a bit heavy handed (the baby especially) but in general I think it's a pretty decent animation, not great by any...
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    Amazon New Underground App Store Has "Actually Free" Games And Apps

    "Surely developers wouldn't simply give away their games for free." really? because I feel like since the dawn of web 2.0 hundreds of thousands of people have made games for free to be played in a browser. Heck most pay to play phone games these days were ripped off from completely free flash...
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    Twitch Competitor YouTube Gaming Launches Tomorrow

    whats with all of the 3 cubes beside each other logos these days? frozen synapse has it, heck even EVO has it but it's upside down.
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    HBO Picks Up Sesame Street For Five Seasons

    daughter: "it's time for sesame street!" turns on HBO 5 minutes before it starts and see's sex scene, father: turns pale.
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    Alas, Poor Hitchbot: "Bad Things Happen to Good Robots."

    I remember my senior class in high school did something similar to this a while back, except with hollow full body casts in strange poses. one of them was able to get down to California from Washington, the other... we found the next day in a dumpster a block from where it started.