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    What The Cluck? Science Can Now Unboil Eggs

    I'm gonna guess that this is How to Basic before I click the link.
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    Ok, cool thanks. the context had me confused.
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    Ok, quick question: is Erin in a relationship with Mol? Because I thought she was trying to date that one guy that turned out to be Link?
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    Battlefield Hardline Beta Coming With Two Maps and Modes

    Bad Company 2 is still my favorite in the series and I'd like there to be a 3rd one, but I'm afraid they might ruin it. I still like BF4 for the most part though, despite the glitches, but I play it on Xbone.
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    Battlefield Hardline Beta Coming With Two Maps and Modes

    I'm actually looking forward to this game as I love cops and robbers games. Any word on if progression in the beta will carry over to the official release?
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    Ghost in the Shell Casting Shows We Need More Than White Feminism

    You have no idea how bad I want an America Ace Attorney movie. Hell, a tv show or mini-series would be pretty awesome.
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    No Right Answer: Subbing Vs. Dubbing

    It really does matter whether the dub is good or not. DBZ dub? Awesome. Naruto dub? Meh. I usually prefer dubs and without them, many anime wouldn't make their way over to America. Also, dubbing gave us the glorious Ghost Stories so there's an automatic point in favor.
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    14,000 men in the US military were raped last year. Little to none of them reported it.

    Being in the US Army myself, male rape does exist but I have my doubts about that number. You mostly see that in all-male units such as combat arms. We actually had a male on male incident in one of our infantry companies before we went to Korea. Two guys got drunk and one guy forced himself on...
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    The Treadmill

    I'm rather enjoying Destiny. Yea it's not as good as the hype made it out to be and that's why I don't buy into hype. Skipped Watch Dogs and had a neutral opinion going in and found myself having a good time with my friends. Off topic: I think the negativity of this site is going to make me...
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    No Right Answer: Are Remastered Video Games Stupid?

    Most remastered rereleases have been good for me. I never played Shadow of the Colossus or Ico. Playing a PS2 on an HD tv looks horrendous and muddy. I don't own a tube tv anymore so remasters are good for me. I never personally owned or beat any of the Halo games but I have an Xbox One now so...
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    Gunman in Moncton, New Brunswick

    Good to see that they caught the guy. I live in Georgia in metro Atlanta so this guy wouldn't have made it very far once people had gotten wind of it. I'll take my state's gun laws over Canada's laws any day of the week. Edit: The more I look at the Maple Gear Solid pic, the more I laugh at...
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    No Right Answer: Most Deserving a Biopic

    For the love of God, electric cars aren't a thing and won't be a thing for a very long lime. I travel cross country quit regularly. Can get for Texas to Georgia in a day with my gas car. Electric would take a week. That's bad. OT: Great video as per usual guts. (Where's Chris).
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    your favorite funny anime series

    I'm going to say My Bride Is A Mermaid. That show had me dying from start to finish.
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    EVE Online Player Monument Unveiled Today

    That's so cool, I'm on a monument! You know what, CCP is a pretty cool company.
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    Poll: Would you kill your clone?

    Honestly, I would just hang out with my clone to see what it was like when other people hang out with me. I don't think I'm that bad but it might turn out that I'm a total douche. Or Awesome. Who knows?