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    Pokken Tournament Aimed at Adults, May Come Stateside

    pokemon appeals to everyone, no matter the age, it would make far more sense to use this graphical style and make a proper pokemon game for the wii u.
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    So what do we call actual homophobia?

    the right word is bigot
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    United Kingdom Privilege (NSFW)

    Well you are a right **** arnt you. dont dare say ireland is a part of the uk or that an irish man is british, i dont care if your joking or not it is fucking offensive
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    Poll: rape worse than murder?

    The way i see this is how badly would i react if this happened to a family member or friend. If i had one that was murdered i would kill the person that did it, possibly beat the life out of them. Now on the other hand if it was rape, i would keep the person that did it alive as long as i...
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    Banjonauts 64 (3D Platformers)

    Spyro and crashs ps1 trilogys, banjo kazooie. Id just love to see a new game in the original crash or spyro style, but more specifically spyro.
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    8 of the Best JRPGs Ever Released

    no lost odyssey, the best game of the previous generation of consoles.
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    "God Particle" Could Wipe Out The Universe, Says Steven Hawking

    please dont be selling this fear mongering. What hawking actually said is that if we used a hadron colider the size of the earth there is a chance it could result in the end of the universe.
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    Assassin's Creed: Rogue Revealed in Leaked Trailer - Update 2

    what a god awful and fake sounding irish accent would it really have been hard to get an IRISH person to do the voice
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    Industrial Music thoughts/recommendations the entire industrial stage as well as a few main stage bands. the cruxshadows the gothsicles caustic the causticles from there just look up bands you like on and go through similar artists.
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    No Right Answer: Best Video Game Format - Physical vs. Digital

    Yes digital on pc is fine, but when it comes to consoles i dont think digital is or ever will be the future. Whos to say in 5-10 years sony and/or microsoft dont decide to end online services for the ps3 and 360? What will happen to all the digital games.
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    Americans' Beer Preferences Are Mapped via Twitter

    Feck beer, cider is the only way to go.
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    80's and 90's cartoons you WOULDN'T let kids under 12 watch now

    i would rather my kids watch cartoons from the 80 and 90s then the drivel that is on today that they call cartoons. from the horrible 3d animation they seem to love using for some reason to the terrible inane prattle they call a story. its not childish its moronic. Cartoons nowadays treat kids...
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    Sony Chronicles the Progress of the PlayStation in "Since 1995" Video

    Why does it seem to be impossible to show someone using a controller realistically.
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    Human Rights and Animal Rights: Why does one feel more out weighed than the other at times

    I have done it in that situation, not choosing to feed an animal over a kid or anythin but choosing to feed an animal over myself. I have always thought that animal rights should be equal to human rights and the fact that there not, just proves that humans are not deserving of the rights they...
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    Sonic Gets Another Shot on TV in Sonic Boom Cartoon Next Year

    im guessin that this will prob be done in the same shitty cgi that most cartoons are done in nowadays. If that shadow is knuckles then its a horrible redesign, however when i look at the image i think it looks more like vector the croc.