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    Doctor Strange reviews are in and Strange is apparently good

    Nope. Seen it today and Mikkelson's character is entirely bland as a villain. Visually the movie is stunning. The cast all do a great job despite Cumberbatch's Strange seeming a lot like Hugh Laurie's House just with magic. Can't wait to see where they go with the Mordo character in future...
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    Poll: Dark Souls 2 vs. Dark Souls 3: Which game should be next on my list?

    I haven't played 3 so can't help your decision but if you are getting 2 get the Scholar of the First Sin collection because the DLC extra areas are some of the best in the game. They include several of my favourite boss fights and some cool areas which are quite challenging, especially if you're...
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    Batman Beyond: Would Terry's Mind Games Have Worked On Any Other Version Of The Joker?

    Ahhh. That makes a bit more sense now. Cheers.
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    Batman Beyond: Would Terry's Mind Games Have Worked On Any Other Version Of The Joker?

    I feel like most writers wouldn't have gone that way with Joker and it definitely wouldn't have worked on the Ledger version. The angle taken also seems a little simplistic for Moore's version. Also, what the hell is Joker doing in a fist fight? Is that an AI thing in the Beyond version...
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    Whispers of The Old Gods Second Old God - N'Zoth, Revealed

    I think they were planning for it to be used with "Renounce Darkness" but of course the danger with that is if you have DOOM!! in your hand you're screwed
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    Poll: Fox Targets R-Rating for "Wolverine 3"

    I agree with Fappy in the sense that I don't think it'll necessarily save the movie but I do think an R-rating is the way to go with Wolvie simply because of what his powers are. I do think it would impact on the fight scenes though. By making the combat more visceral we might get a half-decent...
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    J.K. Rowling should just write another HP book

    I'd rather she just stopped chucking out random snippets like she's discovered a bit of the manuscript stuffed down the back of her sofa. It just seems like she's worried everyone will forget who she is if she stops mentioning Harry Potter. Chill the fuck out. You created the most widely...
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    I need book recommendations!

    If you can hack a bit of modernist weirdness Flann O'Brien's "At Swim Two Birds" is an interesting and challenging read. Lewis Grassic Gibbon's "Scot's Quair" trilogy is also pretty good, though a bit more traditional in it's writing. If you're interested in some more modern stuff I have...
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    English lessons and how to make them not suck

    Yeah I've heard a lot of people say the same thing. Treating English as a "right and wrong" subject is always a mistake. As long as you back up your opinion it should all be acceptable. The reading aloud bit is totally true. When the main character's lines have to be read by somebody with...
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    English lessons and how to make them not suck

    So the story goes that I'm having to interview somebody of secondary school age (11-18 for those not in the UK) about what their English lessons are like and whether they are any good or not. It's for of a teacher training course I'm about to start but I thought it'd be interesting to add some...
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    Gardens of the Moon. That really was. Not. Good. (rant)

    It does get better but most of the gripes you have the with Gardens will continue. There's bucketloads of characters introduced all the time and some won't feel all that relevant. The magic system is very fluid and the rules are learned slowly and with little explanation. The pacing gets a bit...
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    X-Men: Apocalypse Shows Off Jubilee, Psylocke, And Young X-Men

    I kind of feel the same. Apocalypse should tower over the other characters, instead in that shot he's about as tall as Storm which seems wrong. Maybe there'll be some post-production wizardry done and he'll end up making the other characters look like hobbits though so I won't panic just yet...
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    Gardens of the Moon - When the hell does this get moving?

    Each book sort of starts like that, with a load of seemingly unconnected threads that all worm their way towards a completely bonkers climax. If you want obvious central characters and a unified over-arcing plot you're not really going to get what you're after. The reason people love it is that...
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    What are your Game of Thrones ending predictions?

    Not sure but I suspect/hope the Iron Throne gets melted in dragon flames at some point as a symbol of destroying a monarchy based on the crushing of enemies and maybe even the formation of a Republic. Also dragons will be instrumental in the defeat of the white walkers in someway. Beyond...
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    Having difficulty understanding transgendered people? I'll try to help.

    Thank you. That was interesting. I don't have anything more to add really and I worry about the path this thread could take pretty sharpish but I found that worth reading and wanted to say so before it all kicks off.