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    Poll: Would you have sympathy for these guys?

    Well, this is very obvious - yes, all three men deserve sympathy. No one deserves to be robbed or lynched and if someone has HIV, they are morally (if not legally, depending on what nation you live in), obligated to tell someone. And yes, if the genders were reversed, I would feel sympathy...
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    Fat Shaming.

    No one should be ashamed of their weight. No one should shame anyone for their weight. Being overweight is unhealthy (although how unhealthy it is depends on how overweight the individual in question is). But so is tanning, so is the over-use of joints, so is not eating enough vegetables and...
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    The Positive Changes in Fallout 4

    Positive changes in FO4? Well.... 1) Companions have interesting things to say about many locations - it makes them actually feel a little alive and not a walking storage container. But I am disappointed that not all companions have their own side-quest. 2) While the character models of...
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    8 Bit Philosophy: Does Privilege Matter?

    Should one be ashamed of being born with privilege? No, because no one asks to be born into privilege. And while it is true that you could "give your privilege up" (at least, the financial/material aspects of privilege), very few would ever do that - even the folks complaining about privilege...
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    About 10 years ago, wasn't there this moral outrage over a plastic baby doll that some parent thought was saying "Islam is the light"? And about 30 or 40 years ago, I believe people in the US thought that if you played rock'n'roll songs backwards, pro-satanic messages would start coming...
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    Poll: Introducing Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

    Well, good for them. I'm always happy to hear when a birth goes well. I've seen some that have not gone so well, and while I don't care about the royal family, I do not hate them either, so I wish them no ill and I am moderately pleased to hear that the child was delivered successfully. Then...
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    GASP! An insult! Against my FAVOURITE GRAPHICS CARD/GPU MANUFACTURER! I am thrown into an instant, frothing rage! My vision has become crimson and my heart yearns for the blood of Nvidia users! But the rage is too much! My sympathetic nervous system has become overstimulated, so geared up I am...
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    Different Mars One Finalist: It Totally Isn't a Scam

    The entire project is shaping up to be a colossal disappointment/scam, and I absolutely agree with Dr. Roche. A 15 minute skype call before selecting the finalists? That's a joke. An absolute joke. This project aims to send people on a one way trip to Mars with as-yet unseen, unproven...
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    Poll: Would you be comfortable killing your country's military in a game?

    I could, as long as they made it believable. Give me a good story reason to shoot the soldiers of my own military, and I could do it.
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    A Note From Your Friendly Neighborhood Editor in Chief

    Best of luck to you - I hope you manage to thrive in your new job.
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    This Generation Is Fucked

    A bit off topic, but ISIS isn't not something to laugh at. Yes, they are incapable of attacking the US at the moment - but that might not last. They very nearly toppled Iraq. That's right - they very nearly took down a nation state and gained access to huge amounts of oil and money. They could...
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    This Generation Is Fucked

    Every single generation complains about the generation that comes next. I kid you not, the Ancient Greeks complained about books - they said that with books around, no one would have to remember information and as a result, everyone would become stupid. That was over 2000+ years ago. The...
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    Asexuals and low sex drives

    Asexual is a terrible term - they have a sex, (Male or Female) - they just don't engage in sexual activity and have no desire to engage. Rather than having a low libido, they have an absent libido. The Opposite of an Asexual would be a Nymphomaniac or someone with "Hypersexuality". Should...
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    The Big Picture: Je Suis Charlie

    I think the deceased artists at Charlie Hebdo would agree with anyone's right to criticize them as harshly as they want. They never shot anyone.
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    How do you feel about autistic people?

    Depends on the level of disability - I know we don't call it Asperger's syndrome anymore, but I don't consider "Asperger's" sufferers to be really "disabled" - they're more a variant of normal, and in certain aspects the condition gives them a benefit. I've talked to many Asperger's people -...