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    Dragon Age 2 question

    I've played it on my brother's PS3, be prepared for really long loading times.
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    Things that remind you of your age

    My second grade class had old Apple 2's. All my favorite childhood movies were on VHS's. I remember watching the news about Tupac and Biggie Smalls' deaths. Remembering my parents pay for gas with singles and change. Listening to cassettes in the car. Not being able to use the...
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    Your Least Favorite Part of Your Favorite Game

    KOTOR 2: Peragus and Citadel Station, every time I start a new game I play through Peragus the exact same way on autopilot for like 6 hours occasionally switching up whether I work for Czerka or the Irithorians depending on what Morality I'm playing. Metro 2033:
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    I'm so tired of the killing.

    Metro: Last Light, Alpha Protocol, Dishonored, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution all have nonlethal options, they all have achievements for not murdering people, you can only get the best ending in Metro by not killing to many people, and Alpha Protocol goes as far as to offer in game perks for...
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    I'm so tired of the killing.

    There's actually a point where the main bad guy says something along the lines of "You think I'm the bad guy because I kill people, yet you've been doing the same thing this whole time. The only reason I seem bad is that I've been doing it longer than you." It's actually a really well delivered...
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    If this is true... Then... Wow...

    You shouldn't be surprised that huge corporations would do shady and underhanded things to undermine their competitors.
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    What type of drunk are you?

    I'm a happy drunk that keeps asking people if they need anything and if they're OK. Only been drunk two or three times but that seems to be the pattern.
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    Anti-Game Critic Says "This Generation Will Give You Massacres"

    More massacres have been attributed to mail services than video games, so I'll be expecting Grossman to try to get mail outlawed any day soon. For the curious:
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    DLC: A Necessary Evil?

    Some DLCs, such as the ones for Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Red Dead Redemption, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout 3 and especially New Vegas, are masterful masterpieces created with magic and love and they add hours of play in awesome locations complete with neat characters and loot. These are what we...
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    Do you find playing a character of the other gender awkward?

    I don't feel awkward for playing a pirate, or space wizard, or knight, or secret agent, or hired killer, or cowboy, or Delta Force operative, or zombie Apocalypse survivor, or professional football player, or street racer, or pacifist cyborg corporate security officer, or zombie killing space...
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    Difficult accents

    Several of my uncles have incredibly thick accents, it sounds like they are speaking Spanish rapidly, even when speaking English slowly.
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    So. I finished writing my book.

    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I'm still looking over what I have now and working on about 4 billion different things that just pop up in my head. I'll email you some time I'm sure. Thanks for the advice.
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    So. I finished writing my book.

    Thanks, that all seems pretty sound. Officially finished my freshman year of college today, really looking forward to writing this summer, and while I'm usually apprehensive about sharing my work I think I may take you up on offer. I'd like to take a look at your book if you wouldn't mind...
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    So. I finished writing my book.

    I too am writing a book, started a bit before graduating high school, about 26,000 words in (about as long as Old Man and the Sea). Was looking for someone to read what I had, finally got a buddy of mine to check it out and he loves what I have so far, at that point I sort of stopped caring, I...
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    Poll: Do you want an apology?

    As a kid my go-to move with bullies was to knock them down and sit on them, I didn't have too many bullies.