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    Games with Dark Souls-ish Combat Mechanics?

    Give one of the Monster Hunter games a shot - they've got big enemies and heavy weapons and stamina bars and clutch rolls and all that good stuff.
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    songs you once heard but can't remember the name of

    Sounds like Ms Jackson by Outkast
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    Your top 5 games of 2014

    5. Divinity Original Sin 4. Smash Bros 3. Binding of Isaac Rebirth 2. Wolf Among Us . . . . . . 1.Lego Marvel Superheroes I find this game endlessly captivating for reasons I can't really articulate. I guess it's got flair
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    cheerful thread

    All these four legged creatures...we need to change up the cuteness
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    Games you feel that only you played

    999 was a great puzzle/mystery/visual novel game for the DS that I know some people on this site like. What I didn't know until last week was that Virtue's Last Reward is a game that exists. It's 999's sequel and it's just as good. Very happy discovery for me, but I'm very disappointed in all of...
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    Poll: Binding of Isaac OST : Baranowsky vs Ridiculon

    Remake the game so early? Hasn't the original been out for like 3 years at this point? Either way, when I first heard the new stuff, my reaction was very negative. It's grown on me since then, and the choral flourishes are nifty, but the original is one of my all time favorite soundtracks, so...
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    So Persona 3

    Persona 4 is also my all time fave, and P3 Portable is nipping at its heels in terms of quality. The original P3 was great but with a few glaring flaws in my book, but P3P addresses all those flaws- the most key change for me being that the writing is way better for the female route. All in all...
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    What's Your Most Recent Purchase?

    Not counting lunch, I bought a t-shirt from my favorite hot dog place because it's shutting down and I want to keep the memory of hot dogs alive.
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    GOG Last Chance Special- best games to buy

    Freedom Force vs the Third Reich is well worth the asking price in my book. One of the best superhero games around.
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    Poll: How much money have you spent on DLC last generation ?

    Just gameplay stuff? I got the Binding of Isaac DLC, the Don't Starve DLC, and the Lego Marvel DLC all on sale for maybe $10 total. If League of Legends skins count, I'd rather not do that math for my own peace of mind
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    Your Best to Worst games from 1-10?

    RPG only edition 10. Persona 4 9. Morrowind 8. Earthbound 7. DOTA 2 6. Torchlight II 5. Final Fantasy XIII 4. Kingdoms of Amalur 3. Baldur's Gate 2. Mars: War Logs 1. Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love
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    Difficult Achievements you got by accident.

    For CoD 4, I skimmed through the achievements and saw one about killing 4 or 5 enemies with a single grenade launcher shot that just seemed like it would be especially tricky. I started up the campaign and ended up getting that achievement on my very first shot of the entire game.
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    Would you watch a law series that focused on Matthew Murdock and Jennifer Walters set in the MCU?

    I read six issues of She-Hulk doing superhero law, and the strength of those six issues puts her near the top of my favorite superheroes list for all time. I would watch the hell out of this theoretical show.
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    The Wolf Among Us - Season Finale discussion! (Spoilers, of course)

    All around good stuff. Crooked Man was good with his scheming mastermind deal, Nerissa doing that Nerissa thing, and Bloody Mary's true form is the most unsettling video game design I've seen in recent memory. Off to reread the first 100 issues of Fables over and over until they bring in...
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    Question about Steam community market (or Is Steam being randomly homophobic?)

    So I got myself a nice shiny foil Summer Adventure trading card with about 12 hours left in the Steam sale, so I thought "maybe I'll try that newfangled market I've heard so much about." I popped my card in for a dollar or so, went to sleep, and checked my email to find a confirm on my trade...