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    Squanchtendo's First Game is VR Title Called "Accounting"

    My dad was an accountant once. He lost an arm and two fingers during the bloodbath of the Lehman Brothers back in '08. Good to see a game paying tribute to the true hardships that accountants have to face.
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    First Battlefield 1 Story Trailer Shows Off the Campaign and Characters

    Eh, DICE doesn't do single-player campaigns that well. The past single player campaigns in Battlefield have all been pretty lackluster, with the Bad Company games being the closest exceptions. The A.I.'s often terrible, I can't remember any of the characters, and the overall experience was just...
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    The Wild Life - Cinematic Excrement, Part Two

    If it's any comfort at all, we've had Kubo and the Two Strings, Zootopia, Finding Dory and Sausage Party this year. And I'm crossing my fingers for Moana.
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    New Cities: Skylines DLC Will Feature Art-Deco Inspired Creations from a Modder

    If there's one flaw in Cities Skylines (among some other things), it's that without mods the defaults cities don't ever have a sense of grit to them. Aside from maybe abandoned structures, every single building has a plastic toy-box look to them with barely a speck of dirt or blemish. I suppose...
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    Tetris Movie Starts Shooting Next Year

    You forgot his more recent [] masterpiece [] that had a budget of 65 million dollars. I expect nothing short of a surreal and agonizing trainwreck.
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    Leaks May Reveal New Battlefield Title as World War I Shooter

    It's a pretty interesting idea, even though I've no idea how they're going to pull it off. Also, I'm getting rather sick of that whole blue-orange color scheme for the Battlefield game covers, especially when this is supposed to be an WWI-inspired game. Is it too much to ask to have some...
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    RollerCoaster Tycoon World Delayed, Offers Refunds

    It's for the best. Planet Coaster is coming out within a year or so; there's utterly no way RCT can compete against that game without reenacting that Robert Di Nero thrashing scene in Raging Bull. And no, RCT won't be the one thrashing.
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    Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice - Cultivating Apathy

    I knew this movie was going to flop critically, and oh am I drinking it in. Never since EA's Sim City was a media franchise train-wreck so delicious. Warner Brothers and DC was trying so desperately to copy the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and while I appreciate them trying to distinguish...
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    Tropico Studio Announces New City Builder: Urban Empire

    Meh, I prefer to be an autocratic leader of a flying city plagued by early 20th century era race politics and class warfare.
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    Things to do before you die

    I'd love to see either the Northern or Southern lights with my own eyes, at least once.
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    Pixel Art Fighting Game Science Kombat Pits Tesla Against Einstein

    Shame there's no Thomas Edison. I'd love to see him in the game just so Nikola Tesla could go lightning on his ass.
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    The Force Awakens' John Boyega Wants More Battlefront Single-Player

    Honestly, as much as it's nice to see a single player campaign for Battlefront, DICE is not the best developer for a single player campaign. The only half-decent campaign modes were in the Bad Company games; everything other campaign mode in the Battlefield games were either repurposed...
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    Official Fuller House Discussion Thread

    I stopped the first episode two minutes in and went watching Daredevil.
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    So Gravity Falls has finished for good

    I didn't cry, but GARGH I DON'T WANT TO SEE THIS SHOW GO. The episode ended near-perfectly, with my only nitpicks being the one mentioned. I wish more people had heard of this show, because this really is one of the best animated shows on TV.
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    NSA's SKYNET Program May Be Killing Innocents, and Tested in MMOs

    So basically, it's Project Insight from Captain America: The Winter Soldier with the name of the big-bad from Terminator slapped on. And people in the American government thought this was a good idea.