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    Zero Punctuation: Hitman

    The online thing is rather curious, since it's likely only there for the scoreboard (because otherwise who cares if you cheat in a single player game), yet that scoreboard's really only of interest to the top ~500 players. I have to question whether it's a worthwhile addition considering its...
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    Nintendo Shares Digital File Sizes For Some Switch Titles

    Ideally they would have multiple versions available. This is fine for those who buy physical, but it would be nice to have a more expensive larger option if you want all your games always installed.
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    Zero Punctuation: Deus Ex Mankind Divided

    That is exactly what I though. It's like going out onto the streets and exclusively antagonizing the people who are openly carrying guns. Sure they'll get in hella trouble if they react, but if they do react you probably won't be in any condition to laugh at them for it. And that anti-aug...
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    The Fallout 4 Contraptions Workshop DLC Launches Today

    The value proposition comparisons are becoming quite convoluted. In USD: Blood & Wine was $20, Far Harbor was $25 Witcher expansion pass was $25 for $30 of content, FO4 season pass was $25 increased to $50 for at least $70 of content. (Content value determined by individual retail price)
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    The Divide

    Adding that our characters are completely unidentifiable as any kind of official.
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    Unfortunately, I have some bad news. Total Biscuit seems to have had a cancer relapse...

    To me he's always come across as a lone logical professional among a bunch of bickering politicians and journalists, I hope he's still around for many years to come because the shoes he'll leave will be hard to fill.
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    Male problems only ever come up as a counter-argument

    Reminds me a bit of that gaming voice actor dispute, where the hellish working conditions of game devs and QA are used as a reason to not improve the working conditions of others. I don't think there's a simple answer, it's a (seemingly worldwide) cultural thing and that's always been a tough...
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    Still Bummed by Mass Effect 3's Ending? Cheer Up With This LEGO Reaper

    Psh, who says money can't buy happiness.
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    As an avid watcher of games, its quite entertaining. I found MGSV a complete bore to watch, - visually dull, long missions, achingly slow plot development. Whereas Battlefront is fast paced, quick missions in interesting if not beautiful locations. Reminds me a bit of Rocket League.
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    Ten Thousand Moon Photos Shot By Apollo Astronauts Uploaded to Flickr

    Hmm, A team employed out of high school, working day after day for over 45 years. They'd be nearing retirement age by now. Coincidence? I think not!
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    Doctor Who has lost something very special.

    Logic's never worried me too much, but I'm kinda bouncing off this season even harder than the last. It feels like they're really trying too hard, going to fast. Everything is flashy, all moments are life and death, there's not really the kind of downtime to build the tense atmosphere I...
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    CD Projekt Red Denies EA Buyout Rumors

    EA's not really an 'evil' company, they just have a bad habit of incorporating their policies into every studio they purchase, they're not 'hands-off' enough to let a successful franchise continue in its own natural direction. Hence we get wonderful original franchises suddenly flip the table...
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    Zero Punctuation: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    Couldn't agree more with the codex. In the other games they were used to give personality and emotion to snake and his team. The tapes however are just men talking gruffly, lacking any real passion and with the sole purpose of providing back-story.
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    Bioware, Please Make A Plus-Sized Female Dragon Age Character!

    I found it really hard to read this article and comprehend exactly what it was asking for. Going by the title it wants more 'plus-sized' aka chunky characters which 'everyday women' can physically identify with. But then it goes into breast size, so perhaps it wants big-titty women, which a...
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    Deus Ex Mankind Divided Pre-Order Program Takes Crowdfunding Approach

    While a tiered pre-order system is rather odd, I think the rewards they've chosen is really quite fair. The in game stuff is all guaranteed at tier 1, while tiers 2-4 is like the stuff they'd normally chuck into the deluxe edition. The 4 day early access (assuming they reach that goal), not...