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    Purist vs Purest - The Classification and Censorship of Video Games in Australia

    Yeah, nah mate. Actually the opposite since we've got compulsory voting here, and there was talk very recently about lowering the voting age to 16. Honestly, the only time our federal government gets all paternal is over media censorship (state governments are a completely different matter...
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    Australian Senator Chastises Rating Board, Urges it to "Leave Gamers Alone"

    Yeah, nah, he's a nutjob who only got voted into the senate because his Liberal Democratic Party appeared on Oz's (hilariously enormous) senate ballot lists before the Liberal party. Seriously, people accidently voted for him. The only time people listen to him is when he attacks women...
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    Little Things you Buy/Do that are a "waste"

    Buying lunch everyday instead of making it at home and bringing it in. I waste so much money I don't need to, and don't really have. Ah well.
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    Finding Dory - Just Keep Swimming

    Not voiced by Barry Humphries, Eric Bana and Bruce Spence. Doesn't count.
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    Finding Dory - Just Keep Swimming

    The question I've got is: Does Bruce and his mates make a reappearance? 'Cause if the nice sharks (not mindless eating machines) aren't in it than I don't give a fuck about anything else.
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    List your fictional role models!

    Mr Bean from Mr Bean. Al Swearengen from Deadwood. Because if you're going to take the middle ground you may as well know what the extremes look like.
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    On The Sketchy Woman Character

    My money's on siblings being the next big one, following Assassin's Creed's lead. Not "we grew up together, we may as well be brother and sister!" ('cause that trope always leads to eventual romance) but actual siblings. Then shall come the Eunuch bodyguard protecting the princess phase.
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    8 of the Best Anime Opening Songs

    Death Parade has an awesome opening. Just look at this. Look at this. It's fucking bonkers. Great fun. Probably the only Opening I never skip past. Aside from that I agree with most of this list.
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    Why Do Humans Respond So Well To Clean Spaces?

    Yeah, this has been common academic thought since the 60s. I'd point anyone interested towards "Purity and Danger" by Mary Douglas which links modern ideas of cleanliness with religious ritual. Long story short, it's all about categorising our world.
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    Tom Hardy is A Victorian Vigilante in FX's Taboo Trailer

    Christ, that looks fucking badarse. Some good actors in it as well. Strange to be able to actually understand Tom Hardy though. What is his real voice?!?
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    How long have you been coming to the Escapist?

    Yeah, that was a shame they didn't go on for longer. On the bright side Doraleas and Associates went for like a whole other season after it left the escapist, wrapped up the story. Man, I miss a lot of the old video content. Good times indeed.
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    How long have you been coming to the Escapist?

    Became a member all the way back in May, 2009 (as can be seen to the left) but I'd been coming to this site for about a half year to a year before that, if I recall correctly. Like everyone else, Yahtzee was the big draw. Mate showed me his Guitar Hero review and I thought it was the funniest...
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    Poll: Do you look at yourself in the morning?

    Yeah, I mean, if nothing else there's a mirror above the sink in my bathroom so when I wash my hands after the morning ablutions it's hard not to catch a sneak peak at that sexy, sexy mug. Isn't that how most bathrooms are set out?
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    Xcom 2 : Tales from the battlefield

    My team have just busted a scientist out of an Advent holding cell and are on the way to the extraction point on the roof of the complex. There's a sectoid up there who took the last few rounds of my Grenadier's cannon in stride, so I send my Ranger to deal with it. She's an Aussie, so even...
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    Age-ing Well: Age of Mythology Gets Its First Expansion in 12 Years

    Now, if I could just convince them to release the Mac version of the game onto steam...