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    Witness Gonna' Witness

    Puzzle solutions drawn in poo? Mind over fecal matter, Erin! OT: I keep hearing about this game. I keep not wanting to get drawn into it because I know what'll happen. I drew grids for Grimrock II. I'm going to go overboard if I start into this one and my neighbors will file a missing persons...
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    Five Nights at Freddy's Creator Apologizes for Newest Game

    Given how fast-paced the combat was, I'd assumed (from watching Jim's video) that the game was intentionally streamlined and stripped of menus. On another note, the lore of the FNAF games, which I never got into personally, can translate pretty well into an RPG format. Not so sure about the...
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    #075 - Back Seat Commander

    I really like Gunny's gradual creep onto the couch. You can say a lot with body language, especially "The controller is mine now."
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    Anime! Your Most Enjoyable of 2015

    Have to second One Punch Man, for its parody, the action sequences, the characters. Madhouse does good. Even later to the party, I marathoned Hajime No Ippo and have been obsessing over it for a couple weeks now. As a premise, boxing feels like pure shounen, but Makunouchi is likeable enough...
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    Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth - Four Out Of Fhtagn Stars

    Even better for an armed horror protagonist, eldritch creatures would probably be the last things alive(?) to be affected by mere bullets. At the very least, anyone afflicted with insanity wouldn't know where to aim, and if you're fighting a Shoggoth that's not even an issue in the first place.
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    Zero Punctuation: SOMA

    It kind of feels like that's what Markiplier's been doing in between monsters. Talking about what makes a human and whatnot. In Amnesia, at least, the monsters were an extension of the story. In Soma, they do feel a bit like an afterthought, or a sidethought. That said, I do appreciate the...
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    Check Out All The New Animal Crossing Amiibos

    Unfortunately Isabelle sold out before the figures even left the mold.
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    Ace Attorney 6 Announced, Western Release Confirmed

    Alright, hey, cool! I'm almost done with Professor Layton v. Phoenix Wright, making this is the perfect opportunity to jump back onto Edgeworth's titles as a warm-up and the perfect excuse to buy Dual Destinies.
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    You Can't Handle The Depth

    Man, the line art in this strip is tight. I like Erin's profiles! Still haven't watched Evangelion but can only assume fans were happy to get more tie-ins. 10,000 yen? Isn't that, like...100 dollars? Did you get some swag or was it meant to be an experience or something cool like that?
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    Who's your favorite female protagonist?

    And she knows a good photo op when she sees one. OT: I'm, uh, choosing Ammy. I admire the work ethic of goddesses that get things done. She also has the interests of the common people at the front of her mind like any good deity should. When she's not too busy digging for loot.
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    Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Aged 55

    A rare thing, a CEO who actually felt like a person enjoying the work he did. Pokemon Crystal was the first game I played that was actually mine (I mooched off of a lot of my friends growing up). After reading a bit more on his career history, apparently I have him to thank for compressing the...
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    Anime Expo Cosplay Day 4 - Farewell AX 2015

    Aw, the little Mini-nokes are adorable! Admittedly, I grew up with Totoro, so for all I know she has an army of little Mononokes in the movie.
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    #030: Rad Panda

    No, Rad, you're missing the awesome set pieces! The developers worked hard on the scenery! Come back to the rails!
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    (Science ruins everything) dinosaurs with feathers

    I'd always kind of considered regular dinosaurs to be kind of...boring, being big lizards and all. It probably explains why I didn't appreciate Godzilla as much as my friends. This is the bird-lover in me talking, but anything with feathers is cooler, even dinosaurs (especially dinosaurs)!
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    Nightmare Monsters

    So much body horror. And to think I was going to sleep in an hour. This is more a fever dream than a nightmare. It was a humanoid with a gaping triangular mouth and its jaw stretched to the floor. I think it had something stuck in its stomach, and it clawed itself inside out by tearing its...