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    Scammer Cheats Over 100 Kickstarter Campaigns Out of Funds

    Encick is a dick. That is all.
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    Minecraft's Official Skyrim Pack Fus-Ro-Dah's Into Your Block World

    I was thinking the same thing except I do like Skyrim.
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    Feed Dump: Coffee and Kittens

    I want Feed Dump on Dvd. I would drop 10 bucks for that.
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    In Defense of the Casual Gamer

    Is there a middle-ground gamer category. Because I am apparenlty sharing both casual and hordcore gamer tendencies.
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    Feed Dump: Holidays, Pants and Problems

    Killroy is a fish....
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    Jimquisition: Downloadable Discontent

    Basically he has said exactly what I told my friends the other day about why I'm no longer interested in a lot of DLC or many of the newest games. Hyperdimension Neptunia, Disgaea 5, and the newest DOA are also examples of this DLC offense. Characters necessary for a fleshed out wonderful game...
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    Escape to the Movies: The Lone Ranger

    My father is currently writhing around in his urn right now as he was a BIG Lone Ranger fan and has an AUTHENTIC SIGNED PICTURE of the original ranger. I knew it was gonna be bad after seeing pictures of him and hearing Johnny Depp was Tonto but you mutha fecking bastards in Hollywood, please...
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    Megaupload Blames U.S. Government For Massive Data Wipe

    I miss you, Megaupload... I miss you so much!
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    Movie Trailers: Elysium - Official Trailer

    This is what I have to watch instead of Battle Angel Alita? I mean I loves me some Matt Damon and Jodie Foster but dammit: I WANT THE BATTLE ANGEL ALITA MOVIE!!! Or the fucking Astro Boy sequel someone said we were gonna get. Or you know how about either the Fatal Frame film or American McGee's...
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    Feed Dump: Take a Body Break with a Beaver

    I freaking nearly did a spit take at the end of the episode when Kathleen said "f***er"...
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    PS4 Originally $499, Included Camera Peripheral

    I like how even with the 59$ extra it will STILL be cheaper to buy it than Xbone.
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    Feed Dump: The Moose Sex Project

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    The Last Of Us Faces Another Rip-Off Accusation - UPDATED

    Wow... Now I know why people make fantasy worlds instead using more real places. Also why is Ellen Page getting all pissy if Ellie looks like her? Anna Paquin looks like Lisa from the original 98 Silent Hill game cutscenes and she's never said anything about that. Celebrities are nuts.
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    Farewell, Escapist

    I'm gonna cry...
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    Tropes vs Women SECOND VIDEO - "Damsel in Distress: Part 2"

    We got a couple of very strong female bible heroines available if they could do it correctly.