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    DOTA 2 Player Given Lifetime Ban For Betting Against His Team

    The most annoying thing about this whole scandal is that you can't go into a dota 2 twitch chat or forum without seeing hundreds of 322 references. But seriously, the whole thing was just stupid and seems like an incredibly risky move for such a small payoff.
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    PlayStation 4 Game Sharing: This Is How It's Done

    Sony's whole press conference was a massive slam duck that simultaneously generated tons of hype about new games (Kingdom Hearts 3 *squeal*) and stomped on microsoft while they were down. Seriously, it was like watching a clinic on how to have good PR.
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    Feed Dump: Threats, Murders and KFC

    Classic Sherlock Holmes. I hope we see more strip search people integrated into Lrr stuff. (My fingers are crossed for a Maki/Monica feed dump)
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    Farewell, Escapist

    But... no you can't. Why? Why have you deserted us? Kidding aside, you have done a spectacular job here at the escapist. Hope to see more of you in the future.
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    LoadingReadyRun: The 500th Video

    Congratulations to some of the most unbelievably prolific content creators on the web. (I mean seriously, you guys have 5 (including strip search) weekly videos series that are all consistently hilarious)
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    LoadingReadyRun: The Thin Blue Clue

    Paul's impression of the blue's clues guy was unbelievably spot-on. Another entertaining episode of LRR.
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    The Escapist On The Road: PAX East 2013 - Game Night, Part 1 - Blankety Blank!

    Graham Stark is my hero. Both bigger on the inside and Thor's true tragedy made me laugh uncontrollably.
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    A Different Kind of Teacher

    When I was in highschool one of my favorite teachers played videogames and I cared much more about his class because of the fact that when we saw each other outside of class we would stop for a moment to discuss whatever we were playing at the time. He also made a sort of tradition of giving out...
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    Giving someone $20 in Steam games. [ENTRY CLOSED]

    A post from a guy above reminded me, I have 5 Dota2 keys if anybody hasn't gotten one yet. Just PM me on the Escapist with your steam name and I'll give you one.
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    Poll: Do you still care about April Fools Day?

    Do I care and intimately follow every announcement and try to trick my friends? No. Do i enjoy seeing what large companies like google and valve will come up with? Yeah. Additionally I thought it was hilarious when a Chinese friend of mine (from China) texted me about google nose and was...
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    Giving someone $20 in Steam games. [ENTRY CLOSED]

    You're awesome for doing this. I'd like to enter for a copy of FTL it's only 10$ so i guess you could give the rest to someone else or buy yourself a pizza or something. Steam name is MeowZhuxi.
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    Patrick Stewart

    I saw him in Macbeth at BAM; holy crap was it awesome. On the other hand, I saw him last year in Bingo in London and that was awful (not really his fault, the play is just lame).
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    Happy Birthday Grey!

    Happy Birthday Grey! Congrats on 300+ comics!
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    Mystery Bunny Promotes Sega's Worst-Kept Secret

    Based off of the full contest rules, it is definitely a 10 dollar downloadable game for the PS3: "(5) First Prizes ? Ten (10) winners will be randomly selected and each will receive a FREE digital download of the game (in the PlayStation® 3 format) associated with the song correctly named in the...
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    The Second Escapist Community?s Top 100 Games [Voting Closed]

    Portal Pokemon Firered Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Fire Emblem Mass Effect Wow, I guess I really liked my GBA...