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    Bioshock: The movie.

    Rapture is probably the most cinematic environment you could ask for in a game; it oozes atmosphere, has a great backstory ("It wasn't impossible to build Rapture under the sea...It was impossible to build Rapture anywhere else."), and it sounds like they have some excellent cooperation from Ken...
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    Since when did a knife kill me more than a .50 cal

    Haha! Everytime I nail someone with the .50 in COD4 without the glorious kill to go along with it, I just have to laugh. I saw a video of a .50 Incendiary round going through 17 of 18 hard drives stacked together, and there's no plausible way for any human to survive a hit anywhere near the...
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    Gordon Freeman is addicted to morphine.

    JC Denton is merely paranoid.
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    Poll: Which do you like? Gears of War, Call of Duty, or Halo?

    So....uh...where's the Half Life series?
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    How can COD's multiplayer be improved, or is it as good as it gets?

    Make it like Counterstrike? (I would love to see how many people react to this statement...)
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    Poll: Can I please say that I like the 3D Sonic games without being flamed?

    I was hoping Sonic Heroes wouldn't suck, but I never got past the power plant part. It just...didn't feel like a Sonic game, and I played the mess out of Sonic 3 and Knuckles (even got them for the PC!)
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    best ingame music?

    Freedom Fighters World in Conflict EDIT: Jesper Kyd also did the Freedom Fighters soundtrack, so, yes, his music is excellent.
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    What's the one review that you disagree with most?

    Most Mirror's Edge reviews. Seeing a vast majority of gamers fail to think outside of the very box they constantly pigeonhole themselves into and then whine when nothing is groundbreaking or innovative just....pisses me off.
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    The Funnest thing to kill

    The funnest thing to destroy of all time is.... Other vehicles in the Burnout series. Specifically, Burnout Paradise along the White Mountain cliffs.
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    Bad game design decisions in errr games!

    Yeah, that's exactly the situation I've run into more than once; run out of ammo, find a new gun, start blowing people away, but then it jams or explodes, and you've got a new problem. The jammed guns add a new, randomly determined, amount of intensity to firefights where you don't have the...
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    Fallen Earth Beta Giveaway

    Well, what is Shiva, exactly?
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    Favorite next/current gen game(s)?

    As a PC gamer, I have tons of fun getting on my friend's 360 and playing Gears of War 2 Horde Mode with him. The combat can be really intense, and getting overrun when you're camping in the mansion on River is insanity. Plus, for all the hate the Sniper Rifle gets, I really enjoy using it, but I...
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    Bad game design decisions in errr games!

    The rocket launcher has never fired any dud rounds for me, BUT if you aim the RPG at the ground at an acute angle, the rockets will actually ricochet off before exploding. There have been some hilarious moments with ricocheting rockets, too. Guns found in the wild jam a lot more than the guns...
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    Why should I buy a gaming PC?

    My friend and I "built" a gaming PC from parts on TigerDirect and NewEgg last night for just about $600. That's with a GeForce 9800 GT, 8GBs of Kingston RAM, an Athlon 64 X2 6000+, a 500GB SATA hard drive, a Lightscribe burner, a 550 Watt PSU, and a widescreen LCD monitor. We usually do...
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    What games are you playing right now?

    Call of Duty 4, Dawn of War 2, Supreme Commander, and Counter-Strike Source.