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    Minions - Despicable, Indeed

    PoTC 4. The one with Jack Sparrow as the main character? The reason why comedy usually works is because there's a "straight man" i.e. the individual in which the comedy is then applied to. Like the difference between a prank on someone unsuspecting and a guy cracking jokes to himself and...
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    Greek triple jumper expelled from Olympics for racist Tweet that wasn't actually racist.

    Stupid? Yes. Racist? Thats a matter of interpretation. Like OP I find it pointing out the situational irony.
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    Assassin's Creed 3: Rise Trailer

    Its nice how seeing one trailer immediately turns it all around and "OMG THIS IS GOING TO BE SO ONE SIDED GAIS." Christ people calm the fuck down.
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    The Spoony One has been ejected from That Guy With the Glasses.

    Why cant it be both? Spoony does have mental issues, I believe he's mentioned them as well as a heart issue.(too much stress makes his heart go wonky) So the idea that a person in poor mental health would lash out at anyone and everyone willing to help is not inconceivable. What he did...
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    Poll: Save One Or Save Many

    OP reminds me of the ethical/philosphical train problem. Basic set up is: There is a train coming. There is no way to stop it. You control where the track switches. On one track there are 5 people on the line. On other one. Who do you choose to die? The 5 or the one? What if the 5...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Mailbag!

    Nice to see the "This is Why Im Paul" make a comeback. XD
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    You know... I totally didnt remember that.
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    MovieBob's thoughts on the ME3 ending controversy

    Agreed. Film. Video Games. Pretty distinct mediums. XD Promise multiple varied endings with closure to the various characters and plotlines. Give us 3 recolored endings and little to no closure. "Ah yes. 'Artistic Integrity.' The idea of consistency in one's actions through an...
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    Did anyone love ME3?

    I loved ME3. Hated the ending.
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    Poll: Do you lock the door to the toilet when you're at home?

    I only lock it if there are guests in the house. As for my family we know that a door closed means there's someone in there. And if the door remains closed for a long time there's always knocking.
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    BioWare Defends Mass Effect 3 Launch-Day DLC

    Whew good thing I pre-ordered from Origin(YES YOUR HATE IS DELICIOUS) On the other hand, I do sympathize. At 10 dollars it does seem a little... hmm whats the right word... "outrageous"? 5 would have been better and I think that would have dampened the ensuing uproar. That said, its...
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    ME3 multiplayer update

    Jack of all trades. Master of none.
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    Poll: Would you colonize Mars?

    Sure why not. Im pretty sure they are economical reasons to go to Mars and colonize just like we do with the moon. All that precious minerals up there. Doing nothing.
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    Valve: Modern Shooters "Pander" to Casual Gamers

    What. No you idiot. I use iron sights because I want to put the bullets where I want it to go. Not in an area where they are probably going to be. Im firing a rifle not a shotgun with big pellets. That only fire the pellets one at a time. As for moving slower? Uh that's is called...