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    No Man's Sky PC Version Gets Last-Minute Delay

    not sure what they can fix in three days but whatever. they are asking AAA money so we are expecting a AAA experince, a working game would go a long way to prove an indie company can produce what the big guys do.
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    Star Citizen Backer Gets $2,500 Refund

    I see it as a dick move by Star citizen to change the TOS but I understood why they did it. at this point they have invested tons of money into the company, studio's, technology help. I am not sure what it takes a month to keep the lights on for this company but its probably ALLOT. That...
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    Blizzard is "Exploring Some Options" to Improve Overwatch's Zenyatta

    I actually rather Like Zen, he certainly isn't a front line healer bcause h is frail but his ability to heal team mates without having to be close to them is particularly nice. you don't have to walk a tank in like the other healers, just hit them up with a orb and then sneak around to damage...
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    Explore These No Man's Sky Facts Ahead of the Game's Release

    funky bull shrimp is what I say to that, 18 million...yeah, 5 million jungles that are virtually the same, 4 million deserts with different colored rocks and 7 million ice planets where no snow flake is the same. So what your saying is, we didn't put work into anything we let the computer...
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    New Battery Tech Gives Eight Hours of Play Time on One-Minute Charge

    Seems like I read about this from some company or another every 3 months for the last 3 years now. we have batteries that last for ever and charge in seconds! awesome...where is it? I mean seriously, they are making them out of capacitors, carbon, polymers, lithium oxide blah blah blah...
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    Gearbox CEO On Gamer Criticism: "Some People Are Sadists"

    much like when being held at knife point to take your money I don't think gear box will get too many sympathy cards for what is pretty much universally approved gamer hate towards those titles. but maybe he hates the comments so much he won't release games like that any more. It's probably...
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    Blizzard Brings Banhammer Down on 100,000 WoW Accounts

    Bottom line is they will find you? it seems they have been running this bot program since 2010...I think 5 years is a pretty good run. Cheat your butts off I say, by the time they detect it you will probably not be playing the game anyways of if so my lord how much DO you need to bot in that...
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    Five Nights at Freddy's Movie Reportedly in The Works

    Hmm, well since the game is not huge on gameplay and more about sound and atmosphere its certainly a better fit for a movie then most. I don't know how they will make something movie length, but it could be a nice chance for scott to go into a bit more detail into the setting. I hope they...
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    Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Suddenly Appears on Steam

    well of course he had to release 5 nights at Freddy's 3 on the third day of the 3rd month of the year. I mean that is just obvious. :) This guy has a thing for numbers I think. I don't particularly like the game itself, because of its lack of logical sense. the game will show one of the...
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    Commander Riker Would Love to Direct Star Trek 3

    I don't remember those movies, so I am not sure of J.franks would be an improvement. maybe Movie bob could say more on his style. but while I enjoy both abrams star trek movies as sci-fi movies, they are completely terrible star trek movies. its like a high budget galaxy quest where nothing is...
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    Amazing 10-Year-Old Girl Playing Super Smash Bros Turns Out to be a Hoax

    I love games, and granted I am terrible at smash brothers so maybe i'm biased... But does it really matter if someone is a prodigy of a fighting game? Not saying it doesn't take talent and timing and all that but its not like its chess or some other really difficult games. its a beat 'em...
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    Jetpack Enables Anyone To Run A 4-Minute Mile

    you would save more energy if you just put a pair of roller skates on them. :)
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    EA: We Never Want to Be Named Worst U.S. Company Again

    that's pretty funny EA, well too bad the only way you will stay off of that list is if someone trys harder then you and that's a heck of an effort on their part. They honestly think gamers have the intelligence of a parsnip these days, keep making your money until you destroy all your IP's...
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    Nintendo's New Handheld is a Revamped, Redesigned 3DS

    I have felt the 3DS has been "OLD" since the day it came out, its a slow piece of hardware, was really rough on battery life and the 3D just doesn't work with a compounded issue with poor control setup made it outdated the second it came out really. So to say I have been waiting anxiously for...
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    Jimquisition: Batman Is Everything Wrong With Square Enix

    Hah, Thanks for that one Jim. I've been saying the same thing for years, I have always thought "Well maybe I don't understand the culture or i'm missing the point." Nope, pretty much everything they make these days is complete nonsense. I never know what I am looking at or what I am doing...