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    My PS3 won't turn on!

    Hey to respond to some questions in no particular order: I dissmantled the PS3 again in the afternoon and it worked for 2 hours. I manually turned it off to go out, when I came back tried it on again and same problem. There's no YLOD, it just go black. Nobody told me to open it, it was...
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    My PS3 won't turn on!

    Hey guys, I tried to make a quick search but was unable to find an issue like mine. Basically my PS3 (Slim, 1T HDD [upgraded recently]) was overheating, so I opened it up last week, cleaned it and put it back together as per the instructions on the vid. It has a red Standby light, but...
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    Manga Endings (Romantic and/or Comedy)

    I just remembered that there was one I didn't mention (because it doesn't fit the category of romantic/comedy although it has some romance) it was the ending of the Gantz anime... By the end all my co-workers, my boss and me (we used to watch it together at the night-shift I worked at a couple...
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    Manga Endings (Romantic and/or Comedy)

    Hahaha Ukyo would just beat him silly with that huge spatula... Also I think believe that Ukyo would be perfect for Ryoga (for some reason) and even some of the later episodes and the second movie seems to agree with this... Heh yeah I just noticed that most of the stuff I added was Harem...
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    Manga Endings (Romantic and/or Comedy)

    Hey I haven't done a topic in a while... I just finished School Rumble and the "Continuation" (?) School Rumble Z and then I remembered why I stopped reading Manga like 6 ago... I understand the whole "If we resolve the sexual tension between the main cast the story will lose its Will...
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    Poll: Who IS buying the Xbox One?

    I'm not getting one, never had a XBox, the service has always been crap over here (Costa Rica) (You can't donwload 99% of the games from the Xbox store), it will probably won't be available at launch (from the 21 countries that will be able to get the Xbox) and finally I'M NOT GETTING a PS4...
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    Mass Effect being blamed for Connecticut shooting.

    So if he liked Pizza on his Facebook page, is "Pizza" responsible for the massacre? WTF?
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    Australian Island Disappears - Tin Foil Prices Rise

    It's there but the only people who can't see it are idiots or people who aren't any good at their jobs. XD Invisible clothing!
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    What makes the Empire in Star Wars evil?

    Basically it's impossible to have a democratic Empire... An Empire is ruled by an Emperor (that might be the same person until he's passed away) regardless of if the people likes him or not and has no power over him. A Democratic Republic is ruled by "The people" which usually means that a...
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    Where are all these "stupid people" that supposedly exist?

    Well stupid people are not stupid all the time! I mean if they were they would suffocate while trying to walk and breathe at the same time. Some people might seem smart but then say pretty stupid shit like: "The Holocaust didn't happen, it was just the Jews saying that in order to make people...
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    My brother has been playing this one lately, with many MODS that don't do what they are supposed to and dying way too many times to still be having fun. But anyhow, sounds nice.
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    Why are you friends with your friends?

    "Why are you friends with your* friends?" And mostly because I like them
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    "Good" Characters who are actually kinda assholes.

    Well, he actually DIDN'T say "Yeah ok, I promise I won't hurt you" The thug was dumb enough to tell him before Batman promised anything. And in his defense, the prisoners start complaining about food WAY before the part that you mentioned.
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    Rumor: Bioware being dissolved into EA

    Thank you! So yeah, it could be that just THAT studio (in charge of SW:TOR) will be merged with EA but everything else will keep being as it is. Meaning More Dragon Age from Bioware, More Mass Effect (if they continue the franchise outside of Shepard's point of view)from Bio, more of the same...