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    Dark Horse Comics Announces Halo: Initiation Miniseries

    Thanks I forgot to mention that, the chief was supposed to be a "conduit" for the player so in Bungie's line of thought he needed to be neutral or reaction based. In my reply I mentioned how his reactionary persona actually matched his back story so I would really call him badly written.
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    Dark Horse Comics Announces Halo: Initiation Miniseries

    Badly written for me insinuates that part of his dialog doesn't match his character or that there are moments in the campaign were I would have him say something else. Thinking back from Halo CE to Halo 3 there really aren't any moments were I would say "He should have said something/something...
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    Dark Horse Comics Announces Halo: Initiation Miniseries

    Alright First silent protagonist ,the Master chief has always been a mix between a silent and non-silent protagonist so its really isnt a matter of he was written badly more like people would have definately liked him to express himself better. I already mentioned sgt forge but the arbiter...
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    Dark Horse Comics Announces Halo: Initiation Miniseries

    Seroiously who asked for this. I thoguht the consensus in the Halo community was that Palmer was probebly one of the most badly written character in the Halo games next to Sgt Forge. 343i you have a universe were giant parasitic aliens live Or better yet a whole race of space samurai (Before...
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    We Really, Really Don't Need New Consoles

    We certainly dont need new consoles, infact I would argue that depending on your taste in games you really dont need a console or a gaming rig and that is the beauty of a huge gaming market . People will naturally gravitate towards their preferred gaming method. As for Pc gaming in general ...
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    Halo 4 DLC Sees Discounts For One Day Only

    haha nope. Havent paid my xbox live in weeks now dont really see how 1 horrible map pack ,one mediorce and 1 actually good one gonna bring me back to the franchise.
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    Bungie's Destiny at GDC

    Yeah about that apperently that was supposed to be a playable race. "Tigermen" if I remember but they wont be playable However you can play as either a human, Awoken or an Exo if this article is to be believed;
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    Bungie's Destiny at GDC

    Okay lets get this out the way. If your expecting a gamaplay Trailer then Im afraid there isnt one, or atleast not until E3. The only thing they showed was a video detailing concept art and animations as well as a shitload of more concept art. Animation Trailer: Some of the concept art...
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    BAFTA Game Awards.

    I was planning on making some snarky comment about the awards but...Im....Im actually pleased with these results.
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    Dragon Age 2

    I recently bought both Dragon age 1 and 2 and played them one after the other and these were my impressions. Dragon age 2 had a fun robust combat system but thats pretty much it. The characters were quite frankly unmemorable cept for maybe one or two of them. (Too much angst) The story...
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    Halo 4: Spartan Ops...Wow!

    Meh. Spartan ops was a great concept let down by horrible writting,repetitive environments and boring weapons. Seriously why anyone at 343i thought that a plot centred around monotone human military characters was a good premise for an episodic game mode baffles me. Plus the Hasley hate...
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    Studio Head Aims For Future Halo Glory

    If there's anyway to disappoint me further than Halo 4, Im sure you'll find it 343i.
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    Injustice Leagues Asks: Halo 4

    My opinion of it was pretty meh. Halo communtiy opinion ranges from "343i ruined Halo, life isnt worth it anymore" to "Halo 4 is the second coming of Christ". Its honestly funny to watch how the community is tearing itself apart over this game
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    The biggest "Meh" of 2012

    In the words of 343indutries, "Adapt Bro" *Troll face* I agree halo 4 was probably the biggest meh game this year for me. The campaign was a massive cutscene fest with no real substance and the multiplayer is damn near unplayable after a while.