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    Disney Announces Novel Twist On Videogame Films

    Soooo... Characters from some computer or another (an arcade game is still a computer, just not a PC) must fight in games in order to save their own computer, often travelling to different games. Never heard that one before.
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    Trailers: Earth Defense Force: Babes

    Edit: Perhaps making posts at I-Just-Woke-Up in the morning is not a good idea. I totally misread that as 'under'. Anyway, you do have to keep in mind that there is a large and growing population of female gamers. And with this trailer, not only has Team Hollywood alienated the the more...
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    Trailers: Earth Defense Force: Babes

    ... Guys, I know sex sells, but I don't know what a bunch of girls being payed to role-play has to do with your game. At all. I am not getting this game solely because of this trailer. Way to insult the intelligence of your entire demographic.
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    Name Game: A Boy and His Bike Part 5

    I feel your pain, LeeLee. I had to draw a motorcyle one time for a comic and gosh darnit it was the hardest part of the entire thing.
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    Deadliest injury you have caused to another human?

    I think nearly killing someone is a totally valid excuse for one to not want to deal with the other.
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    I just met Lady GaGa

    I met LRR last February at Tsukinocon. I played MTG with Matt and Alex and we got along pretty well, although I was tired and being pretty derpy. Alex kicked my ass in I think four turns, but I won against Matt twice. And then it started snowing so we got kicked out of the convention...
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    BioWare Unveils New Muscle-Bound Mass Effect 3 Character

    Yes. One unlikable character out of a relatively large cast of characters in what will likely be a very well designed game would just be tragic. Truly Bioware must tread carefully least this unbalance everything. Anyway, I'll reserve judgment until I see him, but he's sure as hell not getting...
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    Cyberpunk Shooter Hard Reset Revealed

    PC only? That's a huge disappointment, I was really looking forward to this. It looks really cool, so if it comes to the 360 I'm totally going to get it.
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    Why does (seemingly) everyone hate this game and especially this guy?

    Here's what you're doing wrong, you aren't playing FFIX. It's pretty hard to find now, because it was severely unappreciated and didn't sell as well. But from what I've seen it's probably the best of the Final Fantisies, with strong characterization, beautiful graphics (for a PS1 game, at least)...
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    BioWare Asks Fans About Showing Tali's Face in Mass Effect 3

    That is true. Tali and my FemShep are pretty much BFFs, so it'd be a really awesome story arch. I'd be really upset if she actually died, though. Eh, you have a fair point. Personally, I think this idea [] is the best one so far...
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    BioWare Asks Fans About Showing Tali's Face in Mass Effect 3

    I actually really like this idea. It might just work. There'd be no 'official' version of what Tali looks like (just like there's no 'oficial' Shepard, screw you Bioware but Shepard is female), just different versions of everyone's ideal. So if you want her to be a purple space elf, go right...
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    BioWare Asks Fans About Showing Tali's Face in Mass Effect 3

    D= But then she'd get sick and probably die! That'd be terrible! But seriously, though, I think they really shouldn't. I gave a shorter version of this in reply to their Twitter feed, but Tali's beauty would be destroyed without her mask. A lot of her intrigue comes from the fact that you...
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    Feed Dump: Lemon Flavored Goodness

    Fff, screw Miku. Everyone loves her and she's really not that great. <3 Ren and Lin forever.
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    Games you never expected to like... but ended up falling in love with...

    Fallout 3. My brother got some Naruto fighter game from our mum for Christmas one year, and I, a little Narutard at the time, was super excited to play it. So imagine my horror when my brother went out shopping, and came back with Fallout 3, which he'd traded the Naruto game for. I thought the...
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    BioWare Still Unsure About Tali Reveal

    Ugh, no. I don't want to see Tali's face. The mystery of the mask, and her adorable personality, it's all too beautiful. I love Tali, she and my Shepard are BFFs. When Tali died in the suicide mission, I cried for a bit and then restarted it. But if I saw her, and it wasn't perfect, I think that...