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    That One (Annoying) Enemy

    Currently it would have to be Packmaster rats in Vermintide Those things can grab you a million miles away, through walls and behind corners, have a bad hitbox, don't make any sort of noticeable sound like the other specials do, Basically when one spawns, someone is screwed no matter what
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    Batman: The Killing Joke Animated Film Adaptation Announced

    So, what, more Joker stuff? They seriously need to make batman get like, a 2 year joker-break or something...guy is wayyyy overused
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    The worst documentary you have ever seen

    Anything that has the words "Secret nazi hitler super science weapon doomsday" All of those, there's like a billion of them At best they're completely dumbed down and bland commentaries on things that weren't even thought as anything related to wunderwaffen at the time At worst they're...
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    Game of Thrones - Who do YOU want on the Iron Throne?

    Nobody Nobody at all They're all incompetent and greedy little... I'd much rather scrap the one king system and let each kingdom have their own
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    Is It Possible? "A Phantom Edit" Makes Star Wars Prequels Surprisingly Good

    People should just accept that the prequels won't change to their liking nor will they go away It's been 16 years of nonstop butthurt, time to let go
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    Black Mesa Cascades Into Steam Early Access

    Why should you get it for free?
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    Black Mesa Cascades Into Steam Early Access

    Though I'd say Black Mesa devs definitely deserve to get paid for their effort.
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    Take over a game company - Make your changes

    1. Valve 2. Burn greenlight, make steam more consumer friendly, release Half Life 3
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    Money for Mods: Valve Announces Paid Skyrim Mods

    It will probably be Valve on the losing end this time, since (at least for Skyrim), workshop has always been just a small drop in the bucket compared to the mammoth the Nexus is.
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    Report: Star Wars: Battlefront Will Launch This November

    This is EA, you all know what kind of "games" they release and what sort of shit each and every one includes. Why bother getting your hopes up? It's even made by DICE, so better just remove this from your memory if you're looking for anything but a battlefield reskin Although, granted, i'm...
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    The Hobbit's Erebor Rebuilt as 55,000 Piece LEGO Sculpture

    This ridiculous CGI-phobia needs to stop
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    Penny Arcade's social responsibility

    At this point, it would do very little to absolutely nothing to Congo even if all these "conflict resources" were not bought. Actually helping DRC? That boat sailed a very long time ago. Just throwing that out there despite a strong itch this is satirical.
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    Who is the best fictional swordsman of all time?

    Not that impressive considering chaos marines, especially Khorne ones, come with such a ridiculous variance in quality. Could very well be that he fought against a carebear berserker instead of a Kharn-type one.
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    New Strategy Emerges in Search for Aliens: Look for Pollution

    To be honest, it's probably better to start searching for a new space exploration powerhouse elsewhere entirely. Because at this rate, and some more administrations who have to feed more money "elsewhere", NASA will become a third rate agency anyway.
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    What is your favorite science fiction ship?

    The Imperial Fists Phalanx. It's a spaceborne gothic cathderal which dwarfs most moons in the solar system, is more heavily armed than a death star and carries a complement of gold-plated Prussians in space at all times, what's not to love?