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    Your in-game phobias

    Quests similar to "Fetch that book of the shelf I am standing in front of." Can't you get your own damn book? Like, seriously... writers need to do their job and not give us busy work all the time.
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    Who else hates the site redesign?

    This looks like they scrapped their old site and used a budget builder... like common, squarespace is cheap and makes a nicer site. plus all their errors and the top banner constantly blocking the title bar options so I can't just click recent videos... if this isn't fixed in a month, I may move...
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    Buggiest game you ever played?

    I am one of those Skyrim players who run into bugs... well, ran into bugs. I quit playing because of it. I can deal with npc's floating 50'ft in the air. Makes good target practice. Dragons flying backwards in tight circles is amusing the first time you see it. But the constant crashing...
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    Why it is acceptable to criticize smokers, but not fat people?

    Not what I am saying at all. But if they want to force a confrontation and start it, maybe fatties should look in the mirror first. Doesn't help that I am still in great shape regardless of my habits. I may not be able to run a marathon, but I can jog a mile easy enough. From time to time I even...
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    Why it is acceptable to criticize smokers, but not fat people?

    The truth of the matter is that Obesity has now become the leading cause of preventable death in America. This is NOW a fact, two years ago, it was about even with smoking. So it is my belief that it IS appropriate to make fun of fatties. Let me tell you all a story. I was out for dinner...
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    What do you want for the Holidays that ISN'T a game?

    a release date for diablo 3... not the game itself, although that would be nice, but i want to know WHEN!!!
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    Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 Heading Out to PS3 and 360

    they added duo and trowa ^)^ also, i agree "more wing", but less seed? leave seed as it is, why take something out of a great working game, just add from others
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    Smoking in Moderation

    i have to say, a little bit of poison is beneficial to our bodies. it boosts its resilience in the long run. for instance, a pack a day smoker quits. five years later, their lungs are stronger than someone who hasn't smoked a day in their life. this has been proven clinically! also, the oldest...
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    How long does it take you to read a book?

    It really doesn't matter how many pages a book is. What matters is the total words. But as for the time it takes me to finish the average 300k word book, a day if I find it interesting. Something like The Count of Monti Cristo... a week, but that book is over 1m words if memory serves.
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    Blizzard Surprised by Reaction to Online-Only Diablo 3

    To me, requiring an internet connection means they have servers running. Servers cost money. A lot of money. Sounds like they just want to keep people from hacking the game. What other reason is there? I am the kind of guy who would likely only play online. but sometimes you just wanna piss...
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    Worst game PURCHASE you ever made.

    So many people picking on FF13... common people, it wasn't a BAD game. It just wasn't a particularly good game. So when compared to 7,8 and 9... it pales in comparison. worst purchase... that would be the nintendo wii. played it maybe 2 hours in the month i had it. sold for the price i paid...
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    Something found at the botton of the Baltic Sea. Nobody has fucking clue what it is.

    damn you, thats what i was going to say. but honestly... 87m isn't that far down. how costly could it possibly be. get a boat, and a camera waterproof to 100m. I have had watches with better water resistance. but one thing this video doesn't mention (or i did not see it) was how large the...
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    think back to the last three games you played

    infamous 2 resistance 1/2 catherine So i zap the shit out of stuff, against weird multi eyed aliend... in a bar where not a lot happens but there are sexy 22 year old demons. i think i could get the girl ^_^
  14. Murray Kitson need to make out with a Game Character...who?

    i would say Vanille from FF13... she is soo adorable ^_^
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    Is this legal?

    I'm not sure with games, but with movies you can have a copy on your hard drive and one physical copy made for backup as long as you have the original. This is actually a little known fact about copyrite that I like because I HATE disc swapping with a passion. Much easier to just mount an image...