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    Far Cry 5 Teaser Trailer Welcomes You to Hope, Montana

    Why sell a re-skin for DLC prices when you can sell it as "new" for $60+ and people will still buy it.
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    Destiny 2 to Have Unlocked Framerate and 4K Support on PC, but No Dedicated Servers

    It is not an MMO, it's a multiplayer FPS Though it is stupid to not have dedicated servers when you have such a large publisher like Activision behind it and smaller companies can manage dedicated servers.
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    Fallout 4 Mods Are Finally Coming to PS4 With Restrictions

    Your also forgetting that they would want other stuff censored, such as anything sexual or nudity related, anything that could be considered offensive to somebody and stuff like that.
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    Mafia III Locked to 30 FPS on PC, 60 FPS Patch Coming Soon

    Well when the HUD sucks ass and constantly spams messages getting in the way it isn't trivial and takes away from the game, and right if he complains about something it must mean everything else is sunshine and daisy's for him, if you don't want to see people complain about games don't go on a...
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    PlayStation Now is Coming to PC

    So you can't just buy the game and own it you have to pay a subscription, reason i don't own current consoles is because i don't want to have to pay a subscription to play my games.
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    New Mafia III Trailer Takes You Inside the Districts of New Bordeaux

    Always wanted a sequel to continue where the 2nd left off, not this game where you are a black Vietnam vet instead of Italian, why even call it Mafia.
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    Report: Ghostbusters to See a $70 Million Loss, Sequel Likely Shelved

    Bring on the claims it is a flop from them because everybody is sexist not because it is a pile of crap and insulting the target audience.
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    There Was Almost a Call of Duty Set in Ancient Rome

    Yes nothing like the benefits of having your land taken, having to pay taxes to the people that stole your land, having your daughters raped or sold into slavery, and many other horrific things.
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    Repeatedly Leaving Competitive Overwatch Games Could Get You Banned for the Whole Season

    Never understood why people like punishment systems in games, it's a game people leave for a lot of reasons and punishing players for doing so is stupid.
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    Watch 12 Minutes of Civilization VI Gameplay Narrated by Sean Bean

    They may mean in the sense that the game has an oversimplified artstyle which is on par with what your phone can handle, not a computer.
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    Oculus Claims its Exclusivity Deals Are "Good For The Industry"

    Dam i already forgot those "VR" goggle things were out, timed exclusives suck ass i refuse to have to wait to play a game because it is arbitrarily locked behind a date when it is playable on the system i play.
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    Blizzard Removes "Avoid this Player" Option from Overwatch

    Don't play the game, but did they really just admit that they changed an entire system because of the issues 1 guy was having.
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    No Man's Sky Wins Lawsuit Against "Sky" Trademark Holder

    Ok so i know the copyright, trademark, patent etc culture is incredibly stupid and broken, but how in the hell can you copyright the dam word sky, soon the word air or dirt will be next on the list, Sky TV makes sense as a copyright, but no the word sky, and they are 2 different mediums...
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    Report: Steam Summer Sale Starting Next Week

    They changed it so that instead of the % off a game fluctuating between daily deals, flash sales etc making people miss them and constantly checkm, It is now a flat % off the whole sale, so if it is 66% off at the start of the sale it isn't going to then become 75% or 90% off a few hours/days later.
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    You Can Get Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Hardline For Just $5 Each Right Now

    Should be noted the premium editions or whatever they are called aren't $5 only the base game is, still looking at $20-25 for the full versions.