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    The Pokemon X and Y Friend Safari Thread Share Your Codes!

    ooh, I need me some of that ditto please. 3067-5605-5501, would love it if oyu added me back :D
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    Dragon Age: Inquistion - Can Bioware Survive Another Misstep?

    I loved Mass Effect 3, but the shaking writing during pretty much only the first mission and the ending and the fact they were bought out by EA do have me a bit worried. Combined with DA 2 being a Medicore game and I have to admit DA3 is in many ways mmy personal test to see whether Bioware...
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    Jimquisition: Go Fish

    Wait... since when was Fish the victim? I guess I just don't know enough about the issue, all I saw was the Annoyed Gamer's attack and Phil's childish and horrible-minded twitter feed. But from what I saw, that guy deserved to be attacked, unless all of his statements where supposed to be a...
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    Poll: Is KOTOR really as good as we say?

    I love KoTOR, but as many are starting to realized probably with the restoration mod it's story and writing pale in comparison to the masterpiece which is KoTOR II. (Incoming KoTOR II and Obsidian masturbation) As many have said, the first KoTOR is a straight-faced star wars game. It...
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    Obsidian Would Love Another Chance at Fallout

    Well, the people who were responsible for Dead Money could pretty much get my get-go to take over the entire planet if they wanted to.
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    Characters With Terrible Priorities

    Then again, mass effect 2 is pretty much all about the characters and their random side missions. It's still one of my favorite games of all times, but it just seems like the collectors didn't even really NEED to be there, they could have just been gathering resources to fight the reapers, I dunno.
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    Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Coming Fall 2014

    Wait, so was that the grey warden from the first game at the end of the trailer? I mean, there were so many different ways his or her story could have ended, but still I personally hope it was. I mean, if Morrigan IS a main part, or possible main part, than the Grey Warden can be as well. Or...
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    Microsoft Addresses Xbox One Concerns

    Obviously "Address" does not mean "Assure" This is like addressing a broken leg with a hammer. Man, I am so glad I bought a PC, but I just really feel bad for console people at the moment. I can only laugh so much at the whole deal before it just gets depressing how badly those who can't...
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    The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race

    Give in, Yatzhee, give in! Going from using a PS3 to a simple gaming laptop was one of the best decision I had ever made. Then when I upgraded to a fancy-shmancy Desktop from Ibuypower, forget about it. Gaming became like 50% more enjoyable with mods and steam and such, and now I get to sit...
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    Obsidian Hiring for a "Unique" Next-Gen Game

    Definitely looking forward to a new game from obsidian, Kotor 2 and FO: NV have some of the best writing I've seen in gaming (especially the DLCs, I mean, Dead Money is just a pure masterpiece). Hopefully this one won't be let down too hard on the technical side.
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    ME3's MP is fucking atrocious.

    I admit, the fact I pretty much started playing the MP so I could play the slayer and of course unlocked him after 3 million credits and had all but four races in the game pissed me off, but I can't deny I do really love the game play and the different characters. Leapign around the battlefield...
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    Creepiest Moments You've Had... in Non-Horror Games

    Dunwich Buildinf and Dead Money both from the fallout games gave me the chills, But I feel I Have to but the Feros Colony From the first Mass Effect Series. There was the incredibly appropriate weird mystery music that played throughout the entire mission, It kept an air of unknown horror...
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    Dishonored Feels Cut Up for DLC

    Loved the hell out of dishonored, the gameplay seemed almost made for me, balancing melee fighting beyond simple button mashing without being too complex and a teleporty move I could spam to stab people in the back. I also really REALLY liked the small Daud boss fight, it felt climatic and...
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    So....Mass Effect 4

    It's a shame, to. KOTOR 2 had brilliant characters, story, theme, pretty much everything, yet the technical misgivings made it so under appreciated and diluted. I think if it was given another year or two, allowed to have every twist and turn it was orginally supposed to, it would have far...
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    Love Songs, Please Just Give Us A Break

    Tis why I've always been fond of this song.