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    Opinion: On Plagiarism

    I googled "plagiarism checker" and ran the article through and it picked up several but not all of the copied lines. Also for a bit of plagiarism inception, here's a website that copied the article on plagiarism:
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    First time building gaming PC

    Thanks for the advice! The difference between an I7-6700 and I5-6600 is about $67, I don't want to waste money but having that little bit of extra power seems worth it especially in the future. As for the SSD Flash drive I was going to run my OS off an internal SSD (...
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    First time building gaming PC

    First time building a PC (will have help) but I wanted some advice on part shopping, IE anything I missed because I'm a newb when it comes to this: Power supply will be...
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    Is Cheerleading a sport?

    I'm always fascinated by these types of conversations, the answers are usually irrelevant but it's an amazing glimpse into a poster's brain. Kindof like how the op equates cheerleading to snobby, slutty, and dumb females wearing short skirts. Or how some equate it by comparing it to other...
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    Is Cheerleading a sport?

    The second part is irrelevant, intent to wear short skirts would not be exclusionary of cheerleading being a sport, even if the sole reason for a person joining a sport was the apparel if the base sport meet the definition of sport then it'd be a sport. Maybe a boxer joined because he had a...
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    Wish Me Luck UPDATE

    Shit hope you have a quick and full recovery. Least now you have an excuse to be lazy and watch some movies.
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    What's keeping the West from making DOAX style games?

    I'd say the West is terrified of games with younger children in them, as for actual children I'd say we're worse. Random Podcast said it best, Japan is obsessed with 18 year olds acting like they're 13, America is obsessed with making 13 year olds act like they're 18.
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    So The Ghostbusters Embargo was lifted and oh dear

    Dang I was kind of hoping it'd be an absolute train wreck, sometimes those are more fun to watch then just mildly bad movies. Certainly still planning to watch from how much people had been talking about it, though just a stream/rental.
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    Chris Evans Has Already Quit Top Gear

    It's under the TV and Movies tab, that should be pretty self explanatory.
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    Great point. Now here's the crux of this entire issue, people don't know that. People think it's about taking pride in being gay, and when they see a bunch of people shitting on Heterosexual pride day they go "oi, the fuck are these guys on about, why can't I be proud of my sexuality too!"...
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    Not yet at least, just wait until we elect a gay person into office, then we'll see straight bars getting shot up too!
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    Pfft all lives don't matter, white male can't be a slur because they have it too good, white student unions should be banned, and heterosexual pride day shouldn't exist because of how bad LGBTs have it, if you say otherwise you'll be black listed and barred from safe spaces. I'd yell bingo...
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    Sony Confirms New "High-End" PS4, But Won't Show it at E3

    I didn't say consoles are cheater free, I said PC games without robust anti-cheating systems in place are useless on the PC, I'm sure a few people figured out how to hack or glitch in GTA for the PS4, but for the PC it's script kiddy hell. Don't kid yourself, hacks and scripts are much worse on...
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    Sony Confirms New "High-End" PS4, But Won't Show it at E3

    The fact that any game without a robust anti cheating system will be useless for multiplayer is one reason. I love my PC, but there are issues with the platform, the N64 expansion port didn't kill consoles, and an upgraded PS4 won't either.
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    Konami's Pachinko Hate: Why?

    Doesn't that argument work against anyone complaining?