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    should I still get a ps4?

    Wait until the games you want are out. All of the games you listed as being interested in aren't out yet with the exception of Last of Us, so unless you really want to play that game right now, you really don't gain anything from buying the system right now. Personally, my philosophy for...
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    What is better, ADS or nOsc0peZ?

    I'm not generally a fan of aim down sights for several reasons, but I think most of it comes down to me just being plain sick of the mechanic. I just feel like it's in too damn many games, and has been for too damn long. The mechanic, for me at least, has the tendency to make games feel very...
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    Criticize games you enjoy

    Morrowind. Oh where do I begin? 1. The game is not designed around new players. I get that it's an old game, but some of the stuff is just inexcusable. The game pretty much just explains the controls and the ui and then sets them off to do whatever without giving a good idea of what kind of...
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    Will I like Just Cause 2?

    Does the idea of a game where you run around a big island with a grapple hook and parachute sound appealing? If yes, then there's a decent chance you'll like Just Cause 2. If you're unsure, there is an excellent demo for Just Cause 2. It basically gives you a decent chunk of the map, then...
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    New PC Build's CPU Suddenly Idling at 45 Degrees Celsius, Need Urgent Help

    I'm no expert, but I can think of a few things you could look into. Do all of your fans work? May seem like sort of a dumb question, but it can sort of be difficult to tell, and will obviously affect your temperature. Did you recently do anything that might change the airflow, like move...
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    Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth. Frustratingly Awesome or Awesomely Frustrating.

    A strategy that makes Gurdy 100x easier: stand behind her. She can't fire at you, so she just spawns enemies. The flies can usually be dealt with in 1-2 hits, just move back and forth when she spawns them. The clots pretty much aren't relevant, because they're usually respawned before they start...
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    What did folks think of Transistor?

    I think your criticisms of the story are completely valid. The plot was way too vague for me to have any real idea what was going on, although I think if I played again or looked a bit more closely I might have been able to pick up a bit more. But the strange thing is, I don't think I would...
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    Whoops! Blizzard May Need To Change Overwatch's Name

    On the one hand, it would be kind of dumb if Blizzard couldn't call their game Overwatch because of a previous application for something completely unrelated. On the other hand, Overwatch is one of the most generic, least interesting, and least descriptive things that they could call their game...
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    Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy TV Episode EVER!!!!

    You guys are all wrong. Clearly the best Sci-Fi TV episode is Trouble With Tribbles from Star Trek. Sure, other shows may be flashier or more dramatic, but nothing beats a good episode from the original series of Star Trek.
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    Poll: Games in development that are potential candidates for greatest game of all time

    This is where I feel like Witcher 3 really has the potential to fall flat. I'm pretty confident that they can have good combat, story, etc, as those things were good in the last entry. However, making a good open world RPG is really, really hard, simply because there is so much stuff in them...
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    Poll: Games in development that are potential candidates for greatest game of all time

    Are people seriously that hyped for Battlefield 3? To my knowledge, all we know about it is the name and the studio, neither of which mean as much as people like to think they do. Not to mention it's being published by EA, who are notorious for having a bunch of payed for map packs and...
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    Got an iPad Mini for christmas, recommend me some games!

    I don't actually own a smartphone or tablet or anything else that plays mobile games (I'm a dirty hipster like that), so there aren't a lot of things I can recommend. However, one of my most played games of last year, Hearthstone, has an iPad version, so I guess I can recommend that. If you...
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    Your over powered binding of issac: rebirth runs.

    The other day I had a run where I got mega tears. Then I got triple shot. Then I got that one item where your tears block projectiles. I was able to beat Mom's Heart and Isaac on hard mode with taking almost no damage.
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    Is Warlords of Dreanor good?

    So I did end up getting the expansion. I have been enjoying it so far, although I'm not too far into it yet. Totally not sure if I'm going to stick with it, but right now I'm glad to be back.
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    Is Warlords of Dreanor good?

    So today I finished up the last of my finals for this semester of University (yay!) and I was looking for something to do during break. I had heard good things about the latest WoW expansion, and I was hoping some of you could share your experience with it. Thanks much.