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    Admit you were wrong

    I thought Viva Pinata was a little kids game. But as I fed a child's remains to it's parents, I realised I was wrong. Oh so wrong.
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    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Announced for PS4 & Nintendo Switch

    I'M SO GODDAMNED EXCITED! Now give me tactics advance!
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    Disney's Mulan - How well does it hold up?

    I still remember the words to all the songs. Fooking, this. Just this. Yes it holds up For as long as people are still singing those songs, it will hold up
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    Returning Members

    HELLO AGAIN ALL YOU LOVELY PEOPLE IT'S SO GOOD TO SEE YOU ALL erm, I would like Unskippable back. Also some good ol written articles. And Critical Miss
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    I find Fallout: New Vegas incredibly dull

    Honestly, I feel similar about it. It didn't give me a good reason to do the stuff it wants you to do. I couldn't get into the story at all. I don't know. I'll own up to the rose tinted spectacles that I have on whenever I look at Fallout 3. It has taken me 3 times of selling and re-buying...
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    Let's talk about "Edge"

    Here I thought we were about to talk about the Wrestler, Edge. :( Yeah, I think it's a bad term to use and one that turns me off from watching/playing/reading something. Tell me it's dark, or grim, or some other descriptive word.
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    Your life events through the life of The Escapist

    Thank you for making me feel old there :P Let's see... I graduated from university in 2012. Was cheated on by my boyfriend at the time. Met another one. Had a long distance relationship. He cheated on me. Met the man I'm with now, and have been with him for five years now. I've been...
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    So that we can all meet up again: Contact information thread

    So, I've been away a little while and thought I'd pop in to see how things are doing. This makes me feel all sad inside. My Steam name is Padwolf My PSN is C-Wolfie Any of you FFXIV players out there can find me on Cerberus, my name is Eilithia Wiloh
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    Games That You're Leery About Replaying

    Rune Factory Frontier. I sat and grinded my little heart out. I won't do it again. You can't make me! Stardew Valley. You can take your community Centre and you can shove it up your ass. Outlast. That chase scene, towards the end? Yeeeeeah no thanks.
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    Bully you ask? Prepare thy anus my friend, for you get to go on a charming little journey. Bully takes you on a journey through all school factions. It's fecking great. I don't know of any other game that lets you take on a group of nerds with a slingshot, trash a rich kids house, save an...
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    The Prince of Nigeria has been arrested.

    WHAT?! You mean I won't get my millions of dollars?! I trusted that man with my bank account details :( This is a sad day.
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    I just want to say thanks :)

    Christ I don't check in for about a month and this is what happens?! Ah sod it. I'm gonna miss this place too IF it ever goes. This community has gotten me through some shit. I won't ever forget the time I have had here or the people here that have made me laugh. Love you all to pieces!
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    Poll: Escapist Game of the Year

    On that list, Resident Evil 7 takes the cake. Horrah, Horray, finally at long last an actual horror game worthy of being called survival horror. What an atmosphere. What a game. Bravo, Resi 7 for successfully creeping me the fuck out. Not on the list: Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood. Holy cow...
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    Things You Liked As A Kid But Don't As An Adult (And Vice Versa)

    My Chemical Romance. I don't know, some of it is still ok, but for most part, just noooo. Anime. I don't know what it is about it now. I just can't really stomach a lot of it. I guess it's because whenever I try and branch out to it, I just end up bored and realise that for most part, I know...
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    Poll: Pottermore Thread

    House: Slytherin Patronus: Wolf I can't remember much else to be honest. I miss the old Pottermore to be honest. I feel like there were more fun and games to play. Now I never really go on it.