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    Which is the best UK county?

    Shropshire! Great countryside, "Interesting" people, pretty towns and great atmosphere. But that said, I do love Wales, not sure what county Cardiff is in, but seeing how much I love Cardiff it's gotta be mentioned. (Obviously, I moved here two years ago and am in love with the place.)
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    Protest outside of abortion clinics. Does it go to far?

    I'm against it. You can protest, at Parliament where laws can be changed, but protesting at clinics is attacking people, rather than a thing you disagree with. And that's wrong whatever you believe. For the record, I'm personally pro choice.
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    Snap Response - What in your immediate area...

    My Dnd Character sheets, I was currently in the middle of editing my sociopathic criminal for my pathfinder group. Apparently having 16 separate knives hidden around my body each requiring it's own check to find on a search roll is a bit "Excessive". I just call it forward planning.
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    3 Years Later: Mass Effect 3 Ending Revisited [spoilers!]

    I really liked the ending. However, I know exactly why people would get mad at it, the lack of payoff for so many choices throughout the game was bad, but I just loved how depressing it was, you can't always win, the story build up so much... But I freely admit, they could have done much better.
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    non Americans: do you think we are violent?

    I think entitlement culture in america is a bit more widespread, so when people don't get what they want, or complain they can't get what they want they get bitchy faster than others. It's a problem in britain too, but I don't think it's so widespread.
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    Poll: Facial Hair. Yay, Nay or damn that's just hay.

    I like it because other people seem to like it. It doesn't bother me really, but I can't be arsed to shave sometimes and the fact people seem to think it looks good aids me in my apathy.
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    Poll: Would you be comfortable killing your country's military in a game?

    Well I've played assassin's creed 3, so I have killed my countries military... I dunno, I would feel weird about it but it wouldn't put me off buying a game.
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    Will You Press the Button?

    "Hi Mum I- Argh fuck no god damn it" I can find a downside in everything my friend.
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    favorite type of melee weapon?

    Managed to get my hands on a Strange Eyelander on TF2 a couple weeks ago, so I'm pretty fond of Claymores at the moment. And fond of the big blood crazed Scots wielding them.
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    Best Character Introductions

    I love this intro, not as much as loads of people, but gotta admit, the introduction of Death in Supernatural was phenomenal.
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    Your "it is time to kick ass" music!

    Rock it bruther. Good hardcore pirate metal is good for this kinda thing.
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    Poll: Have you ever wanted to be internet famous?

    I'm kinda intrigued to know what it would be like... But I know I'd not be able to escape it without leaving the 'net for a while. Still would be cool. I don't know what for though? My sparkling charm? My witty ripost? My incredible... Okay, I'm pretty skinless.
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    Poll: Thinking of Playing Team Fortress 2... what Class is best for Newbies?

    Mmm Pyro. Pyro is always a good way to go, as it's basically spray and pray. solider is a good choice too, at a bit more range. I'm very fond of demo at the moment, and somehow I'm doing really well at it at the moment. Pretty much any class can be used for anything anymore, if you use it with...
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    Confess your nerd sins

    I... I don't hate the new star wars films. I'm so sorry everyone. I'm sorry.
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    Post any song you want

    I apologize for the horrible sound quality already. But We all need to listen to this old gem.