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    Starbreeze Invests $8 Million into Psychonauts 2

    But will the game actually be better for it, or "good" to begin with? I mean, with well-funded and well-staffed kickstarters failing and/or succeeding left and right, all bets are off.
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    Zero Punctuation: Gravity Rush 2

    Aw man, just from watching some of the gameplay, this looks like an incredible amount of fun. Too bad it's a console exclusive. Are there any other games that aim for that kind of mobility focused combat, with the jumping, teleporting and stuff? I liked the Platinum Games action like...
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    Zero Punctuation: Clustertruck & Lichtspeer

    Don't forget the videogame character running next to your car.
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    Zero Punctuation: Metroid Prime Federation Force

    Nah, I meant "jab" as in "oh shame there aren't any proper Metroid games with Samus as the lead being made with care and love for detail anymore, how unfortunate!", you know, something sarcastic.
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    Zero Punctuation: Metroid Prime Federation Force

    Hey, I liked Metroid Prime 2! Also, no jab at AM2R?
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    Back in Your Hole

    AM2R was a lot of fun, and I would've bought it for 10 bucks on steam. I'm really glad there are still people who make metroid games, even if they have to do it outside of the legal spectrum. It's better than no metroid games at all.
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    Was bioshock infinite the worst AAA FPS ever made?

    The best thing to come out of the game is the Zone flash. You know, the one with the Caro Emerald music. The rest is just completely forgettable. Not even offensively bad, just, like, eh. What annoys me most is the level design complexity argument, though. Pointlessly convoluted maps doesn't...
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    The Last Thing We Need is Developers Policing Mods

    If you don't get the choice to be racist or not, then not being racist has no moral value. How am I supposed to feel smug about all the degenerates on the internet when I can't ignore their content, because it's removed before I can ignore it?
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    Hail Hydra

    Wait, isn't the point of Hydra that they're essentially Nazis_2.0 without the awkward real-world politics that would result from them being Nazis? What's the point of Cap being a Nazi now?
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    Problem with the Villain of Captain America Civil War (Spoiler thread)

    That's like complaining how a pilot manages to get several tons of plane into the air, but can't do the same with a car. He is just a normal guy, pissing off the avengers doesn't change that. Can you name one criminal who has been put in such a containment? For whatever reason. Dictators...
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    Problem with the Villain of Captain America Civil War (Spoiler thread)

    What I just didn't get is why did they put him into the super horrible electrified glass bunker prison box? I mean that's all kinds of fucked up. Sure he's a terrorist, but wasn't the entire point of a movie to establish a system where people will be trialed for their actions? He's just a...
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    James Bond cannot be genderbent

    James Bond is a character that is defined by maybe 5 traits at best(man, suit, vodka martini, british, cars, whatever). He is a vehicle for spy and action stuff. The fact that so many actors can pick up these key traits and become "the James Bond" speaks volumes. He's "Spyman vs the enemy"...
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    So far, the Witcher 3 seems kind of sexist

    "If the only tool you have is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail." People often just want to talk about an issue that is particularly close to them, so they grab every occasion they can get to talk about it. I never skip an opportunity to rant about the definition of a scientific...
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    GITS Publisher: "never imagined it would be a Japanese actress in the first place.?

    With the entire plot revolving around body modification and mind manipulation, why is the look of the protagonist even an issue? Her entire body is artificial. They can just say she has the brain of an asian woman and be done with it. And as far as I remember, she didn't look particularly...
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    Stardew Valley's Relationships are Really Rather Off-Putting

    Recently, I wondered. What if you have an AI that tracks events as nodes in a graph, and then associates these events with each other by proximity, maybe with a directed graph with propabilities attached to them. And each time events occur either simultaneusly or in close succession, you add...