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    What We Do on Fridays

    I just ran the whole article through that translator... My brain...
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    RuneScape Boasts Most Players of Any MMO

    Still do, actually.
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    DayZ Could Break Free From ArmA II

    Maybe Tripwire could lend these guys a hand, Killing Floor style...
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    Poll: Homeopathy - Is it Bollocks?

    The most rational explanation of homeopathy I could find :)
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    Microsoft Hiring For New "AAAA" Xbox Title

    ...because three As just isn't enough for those money grabbers, is it?
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    does the Escapist name their systems/PC,s

    My box is simple 'Homeworld'. Always has been, always will be.
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    Indy Dev Calls Zynga Out Over Plagiarism

    Second page for those who get 404'd []
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    What Song is in Your Head?

    Run Devil Run[/youtube] ...I don't even normally like this kind of thing. WHY IS IT SO GOD DAMN CATCHY!
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    What was the first video game you EVER played

    To this day, still not completed it.
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    Internet Revolts Against Go Daddy's SOPA Support

    This. Also here's the official release.
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    Your Avatar is your face

    Fuck yes I'm an owl.
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    How Many Hours have you put into Skyrim this weekend?

    I don't remember saying I don't like the game - it's hard to hate something you've never played, after all. To be honest it does interest me somewhat, I just happen to have a lot more important things to spend my limited funds on right now. Besides I'd probably need to rebuild my aging PC to...
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    How Many Hours have you put into Skyrim this weekend?

    None at all, because I don't own a copy of the game and never plan to.
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    Modern Warfare 3 Will Feature LAN Support

    Give me an SDK or give me death.
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    Minecraft Developer Cranks Out Quickie Dungeon Crawler

    He streamed a good chunk of the process, too...