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    Everything you know about a game you've never actually played

    Detroit: Become Human It's Kara, the Game! Emoshuns! And Gears of War All around me are familiar faces AWW SH-- SPIDER Halo It's Unreal Tournament, with a plot, and a naked blue android AI because reasons.
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    In retrospect, the PlayStation Move was an amazing device

    I still use mine with PSVR, but only for Creed and the occasional shooter. I was never into Move when it was put out there to compete with Nintendo but its inclusion with VR makes a bit more sense and adds another level of interactivity with the virtual environments. I'm sure custom controllers...
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    Why do you have your current avatar?

    Because, at the fall of Escapist 1.0, these forums were plagued by spam. The only safe places were the pubclub areas. It was a neverending battle with the bots and humanity was losing. So I took on this guise in honor of the warriors fighting against the tide.
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    The Big Picture: MCU-Tants?

    Deadpool and the Beyonder are playing poker with the Gamesmaster and Tony Stark. Deadpool says "Where I come from, heroes as you call them have been around since the 60s, except we call them mutants and they live in this big house but everyone hates them!" Tony "So they're like the Kardashians...
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    The Big Picture: Polarity Contest

    Moviebob: Reloaded. If Susan comes back and we start seeing podcasts again, it'll be like the 00's never left and all will be right with the world. I miss the podcasts. I miss commenting on cosplay without the overwhelming fear of offending someone. I missed these forums. People need a good...
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    The Big Picture: Polarity Contest

    WB Bob, and yea I agree. The whole idea was likely brought about by Disney to add some gold to the stacks of money the Marvel films are making. It took 3 films for LOTR to get recognition, not so much for ROTK as a singular film but as a full body of work. That came about as a 10-award streak...
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    If you could only play one video game ever again...

    ESO - with the level of player modification, housing system, simply the variety of places to go, things to do, it has kept me busy for years already. No Man's Sky - haven't played NEXT yet but I'm hearing good things about how the randomly generated worlds are far more robust than in times...
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    Game of Thrones Season 7 discussion thread. (SPOILERS ABOUND)

    Wow, arguing over whether other people outside this forum agree with you. So meta it almost doesn't exist. Trying too hard to feel validated? I liked the season finale. One death was very predictable but satisfying, another (if it happened) really was not. I'm predicting a last minute save...
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    Blizzard Brings Back the Name Because No One Stopped Using It is back! So say we all.
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    What's the reason of the not to have been removed Adblock by the Google?

    Ya got me there. I'll never understand that one. I understand censoring the occasional F bomb but the CDs from Walmart go well beyond that. Basic radio is less censored and everyone listens to that.
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    What's the reason of the not to have been removed Adblock by the Google?

    Prepositions, prepositions. And also adverbs. You use adverbs as descriptors when presenting actions, events. "I'm just learning". "New" is an adjective. Though it can be used as an adverb, you're doing it wrong. Use it to describe objects, not to add a timestamp to an action. Bad: What's...
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    Game of Thrones Season 7 discussion thread. (SPOILERS ABOUND)

    I only just noticed Gendry's hammer had a stag on it. Wouldn't that be frowned upon under Lannister rule? Can't wait to see him crack skulls next week for the living. That touching moment between Jon Snow and Drogon was something I've gone on about since his heritage was revealed. Sure it's...
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    After what time, is it no longer socially acceptable for an adult to be seen in his pyjamas?

    Having seen all sorts in their PJs at 2AM at my job it utterly baffles me how a person couldn't take 5 minutes and throw on a shirt, jeans and some shoes. It's not so much inappropriate, just...awkward. Beyond your front yard grabbing the paper, put some actual clothes on!
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    Game of Thrones Season 7 discussion thread. (SPOILERS ABOUND)

    Well, in the show they're technically cousins, not siblings even though they were raised as such. But the chemistry stems from comfort being around each other, a willingness to actually argue and debate things rather than deal in absolutes. Something siblings should be able to do.
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    Game of Thrones Season 7 discussion thread. (SPOILERS ABOUND)

    Technically he didn't kill her. That dick Olly did. Little bastard was all full of hate since his parents died. Sucks that Jon had to hang him but the kid did stab Jon in the chest, so they're even. I'm still trying to figure out what kind of leader Jon's really gonna be. He could temper...