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    Underworld Ascendant is More Than a Spiritual Successor

    I'm really excited about this game. The developers are extremely experienced, and they've made amazing progress in a short amount of time.
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    Report: Dishonored 2 Will Surface at Gamescom, 2014

    A grain of salt? More like a bag of salt. A mountain of salt. The entire salt factory. The sum of all of Earth's sodium and chlorine atoms, representing the maximum amount of potential salt on the planet. That's the amount of salt that should be taken with this obvious (and repeated) hoax. For...
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    Doom Reboot Revealed by Bethesda

    Yeah, and I'd feel a lot better about the new Doom game if they were making that as well. At least we could be sure it will be a solid, fun shooter. Rage was not a game that inspired confidence.
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    Doom Reboot Revealed by Bethesda

    While I support this idea 100%, I don't think that that kind of game would move the number of copies Zenimax is looking for to justify their $100+ million investment in the company. According to id, Doom 3 was their most successful game ever. They're going to try to recapture that success...
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    Doom Reboot Revealed by Bethesda

    I hate to be that guy, but it's "id" or "ID." The internet one day all decided to start calling them "iD," but they have never actually stylized it that way. ...the more you know.
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    Gabe Newell's doing an AMA today at 1 PST/4 EST

    My first question would be "what happened to that AMA you were going to do three hours ago?"
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    Thief Review - The Meh Project

    When I say linear, I don't mean the way the story progresses, I mean the missions themselves. Some of them so far have had a few minor different ways to enter a building (do you want to enter through the window or the greenhouse?), but just as often they are as funneled as Call of Duty. And...
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    Poll: A question only for long-time, hardcore Deus Ex fans...

    I don't really agree with any of those poll options, but I like Human Revolution a lot. In fact, it usually comes up any time I talk to someone about my favorite games last gen. I thought it was kind of a shame that Eidos Montreal clearly had no interest in the "immersive sim" (or whatever...
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    Thief Review - The Meh Project

    No, that's not what it is at all. Thief is linear, full of cutscenes, 3rd person climbing sequences, tiny load areas, button mash sequences, and a tedious city hub that leads to all the missions. For all their superficial plot and setting similarities, Thief is almost the anti-Dishonored.
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    Thief's Possible Saving Grace!

    Well...yes and no. The fact of the matter is, there is no amount of modding that could be done to this game to make it "more like" the old games. Between the loading zones and the contextual controls, the game would need almost a complete redesign. Not to mention the stealth mechanics...
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    Thief's Possible Saving Grace!

    Thief has one of the most technically proficient and talented modding communities in gaming, but I'm not sure even they can crack this game open and mod it (outside of .ini/cfg stuff). There are no modding tools and it looks like the levels are tightly scripted and broken into "invisible"...
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    Half-Life 3 Is Not Coming Today, Says Valve

    Half-Life 3 will come out when it's good and well ready. And I'm sure it will be great. They're clearly not just planning on shoving any old crap out the door.
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    Preview: Thief Didn't Steal the Show at E3 2013

    I forgot to mention earlier: don't despair. The Dark Mod is going standalone in a few months. I guess then it will just be the Dark...Game. Anyway, it's pretty much just Thief's mechanics in idTech 4 with tons and tons of content and more coming out all the time. It's awesome...
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    Preview: Thief Didn't Steal the Show at E3 2013

    Focus is just detective mode from the Batman games. Totally misses the point of Thief. I'm glad it's optional, but saying "there is a narrative reason for it" as the developer keeps doing, doesn't make me feel any better. You can come up with a narrative reason for just about any shitty mechanic...
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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Goes Multi-Platform

    Excellent. I don't mind the double dip, it's been almost two years since the game came out and there is a ton of new stuff in this release.