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    What game series would be completely ruined with a gritty reboot?

    I sit corrected this needs a gritty reboot! Time Crisis: on the Fringe of Time rated M for mopey.
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    What game series would be completely ruined with a gritty reboot?

    time crisis the main characters moody emo fringe would obscure your view
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    This is why I hate "Fake Geek/Gamer Girls"

    Of course you couldn't call yourself a "professional" basketball player you're not earning any money for casually playing one game of Basketball. EDIT: am i troll baiting here? or is this what you actually think?
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    Now that 2012 is almost over...

    1) FTL 2) Max Payne 3 3) Hitman Absolution honourable mentions:dishonoured lollipop chainsaw and mass effect 3 Edit: ooops dishonoured
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    Odd enemies

    Dragons quest 8 a Satyr, how can i kill him when he's dancing in such a jolly way and playing such a happy tune.
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    Unpopular gaming opinions

    Yeah easy mistake i seem to either make a spelling error or word a post wrong regularly, My reason for not playing it isn't so clear cut I'm not too fussed about art style i just can't find the energy or time to get started and ultimately complete it really.
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    Features shooters desperately need.

    Lasers that tear through the flesh and don't just incinerate or paint you with burn holes.
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    Unpopular gaming opinions

    This one wasn't really an opinion if you don't mind me saying but if it was i'd have to agree, my copy is sat dormant on my desktop, soon I'll have the spare time to play games but i have so many games on the go. Will it ever get played?
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    Most anticipated game 2013

    Dark Souls 2 is that planned for next year?
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    Poll: Your Favorite Variety of Sword In Gaming

    Other: Bastard
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    Most boring game you've ever played.

    RAGE It's an easy target, still very boring but i should probably choose a controversial one like others have. Final Fantasy 8 Story junctions mini games every things very boring i still got halfway through the damn thing so that must make me a boring person.
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    Unpopular gaming opinions

    - Bad design choices aren't always glaringly obvious to Developers and they didn't put them in "UR GAEMZ 2 MAK U MAD". - Fallout 3 is the best fps game(not a real genre just one example of camera placement with the hint of guns) ever, partially because it's not "just" an fps action game. On a...