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    How to make a fortune from hipsters:

    [ youtube=h-RtayJQubY ] being from new York I deal with hipsters every damn day a couple of years ago they went nuts for a pastry with nutella in it!! They actually stood on a long line to buy this pastry at $8 a pop!! sorry for the OT!!

    Man-child claims to have bought all the Rosalina Amiibos to spite her fans.

    When I saw the thread title the first thing I thought what did Chris Chan do now!

    Dragon Age Inquisition Banned in India due to Portrayal of Homosexuality

    This the only link I can find on this :

    Dragon Age Inquisition Banned in India due to Portrayal of Homosexuality

    Can you please give a link to this news??

    AAA industry on the brink.

    The problem I see is the need to rush games they need take their time take as much time as they need and put a good game out there ( you hear me ubisoft)!!And quickly put out a patch again you hear UBISOFT????

    Is it possible, or legal, for my ISP to throttle my internett? USA

    When I had Verizon I notice that around a certain time it slow down I think they do like to throttle during fall and winter when people use them more because of holiday shopping!

    Silly Childhood Beliefs

    For centuries all little kids were scare of the boogie man under their beds or in their closet it was and it still is part of growing up!

    Atrocious commercials on TV

    like old vhs and dvr today you can fast forward the commercials or do some channel hopping!!

    Is Rockstar's removal of 18 songs from the Steam version of San Andreas legal?

    Well you can always buy the sound track of the game this is a legal issue rockstar is concern about!

    An article from a former sjw woman and a gamer.

    I don't how others feel but I'm getting gamergate Fatigue!! The childish behavior at times from both sides is very annoying the threats from both sides is uncalled for there no place for that!! I just want to play my games and be happy!!! Also is there anyway the mods can make a gamergate...

    Console Wars! Yay!

    I always thought the so-called console war fan boys no matter which one is so childish you can add the pc fan boys as well! JUST ENJOY YOUR GAMES no matter how you play them!!

    Hatoful Boyfriend Hands On - Flap Your Wings for Dove

    Has anyone played this?? I know Japan come up with off the wall stuff lot of times this game sound too weird!! you know ign gave this game gets an 8 and Destiny got a 7.8 Just unreal!! Lmao!!

    A short essay on why you should stop calling people SJW

    I know gamegate is a big issue for us to discuss the issue of game journalism corruption it is very important not to lose the real fight of having true transparency in game journalism!!

    Dragon Age 2 post mortem

    I played DA1, DA awaken, DA2, I liked how the way the flow kind of flowed to each of the games As far as DA2 it was rush it piss me off that you can only armor hawk but yet you can buy armor for the other people in you group but they can't use it! Dragon age inquisition can be a really great...

    The "Ask a Video Game Tester" Thread!

    Has there ever been a game you thought really sucked and you told them but they released it anyway? Not a buggy game but a game that really did suck!!