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    Super Meat Boy Forever Headed To PC and Tablets

    So this is what their doing instead of Mewgenics at the moment
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    A Beginner's Guide to Dark Souls - 7 Steps to Sucking Less

    I because I am an idiot... but also lucky as well didn't fight the gargoyle for ages and ages because the only time i went up in the church i got sidetracked and so by the time i finally realised he was up there i was way past the point i should of been and killed him and his buddy in about two...
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    Next Metal Gear Solid May Be Too Controversial to Release

    Ironically this has probably convinced me to buy this game. I'm not much of an MGS fan (I did play MGS4 and very much enjoyed it but it didn't really sell me on the series as a whole) but I always want game developers to make a stand for the validity of gaming to tackle touchy subject matter and...
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    Poll: Which Gamer is angrier?

    In every gaming society there are assholes and there are nice people... no one ever notices the nice people, but everyone wants to rave about the angry gamers and not the onse who play nice are respectfull and dont shout obsenities
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    Skyrim Questions

    By the way GLo Jones your display picture is hilarious... i just wanted to let you know that
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    Who is your favourite charecter in Team Fortress?

    I like the spy because i like to sit in the intellagence room watching the engineers go about there buissness and then striking when they least expect it and destoryign everythign they held dear mwahahah... i also like the demoman because hese the closest you can get to beign a british person.
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    What Gods do you think would belong in a modern day Olympus?

    Well at the beginning of time a mighty stalk flew to all different corners of the globe and gave birth to people we know today as "The Brothers of Fortune" these brothers consist of Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Mr T, Jesus and The Stig... Today they work for peace on earth and they also stop...
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    What song(s) always make you happy whenever you hear them?

    The Love Train by the o'jays
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    If you could have the entire world listen to one song at the same time...?

    This is a simple answere... two words... Love Train
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    Game ruined by its fans

    Well I absolutely love all the saints row's it?s just a shame all the fans are idiot wanabee gangsters who love the idea of a (sigh) a purple dildo bat which is in the new one, which I can?t stand. The most annoying part about the saint?s row fans is that the people who make saints row are now...
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    Poll: What is your stance on Guns?

    Well I?m a British person and therefore no one has guns except the police and that?s only when there guarding an airport or there going up against dangerous criminals, and to be honest everything?s working pretty well here so I think our way works pretty well.
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    TF2 Sniper: British or Australian.

    I think you may have just guessed the next special item for the sniper
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    TF2 Sniper: British or Australian.

    Actuly British people say mate aswell... This vid proves it British people and they say mate like 10 times in this video
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    TF2 Sniper: British or Australian.

    I think they pretty much went with Americans for every characters voice acting... Also I dont think they ever meant to make them all have realistic accents its all pretty much for comic value
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    so if they DID ban violent games.....

    Casual stuff already sells like crazy so it wouldnt be much of a surprise if videogames in the absence of any adult content would very quickly become simple childrens toys. Especially considering lots of people already seem to think they are... seriously theres something wrong when I go into...