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    Poll: Expanded Mii Fighters

    Hey all. Just wanted to get other people's oppinion on...well, my oppinions. Ok, surely by now, everyone has heard that Miis are going to be playable in Smash Bros Wii U/3DS. (And if you haven't heard yet, just check it out here: Personally, I...
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    Hexyz Force: Item converting?

    Oookay. So I reciently stumbled upon this brilliant RPG called "Hexyz Force". I'm having alot of fun with it thusfar, and I've just gotten to the second time that you enter the Tower of Judgement, and I have a question thats been bugging me. It takes _forever_ to save up the thousands of...
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    Hidden Save Deleting

    Do you believe everything a used car salesman says about the car he's trying to sell you? Never believe every thing a salesman says about his own product. My observations are made from my own background in software engineering. CAD makes sense. a One button would have been a tech support...
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    Hidden Save Deleting

    He's lying and everyone is engineering knows this. Since 95 near about every keyboard has had no less than 3 windows specific buttons. Look at your keyboard, they're right there, right between the ctrl and alt keys on either side of the space bar (unless you have one of those funky ergo...
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    Hidden Save Deleting

    Making things difficult to delete... to make sure that it's not deleted accidentally. IT's thesame reason why Ctrl-Alt-Del is the way it is, those are three keys that are virtually iompossible to hit in error.
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    Hidden Save Deleting acctually a very good point. :)
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    Hidden Save Deleting

    Twice in the recent past, I've noticed a somewhat odd trend in handheld games. (Once with Poke'mon X, and once with Kid Icarus: Uprising.) Neaither of these times was the first I've seen of this, but they bring to mind this somewhat disturbing trend, so I figured it was worth discussing...
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    Tales of the Abyss: Shapes of Swords

    Hello internet! I gots a quick question to settle my curiosity. I've recently started a play-through of Tales of The Abyss for the 3DS. Enjoying the game sofar. Not so much as Symphonia, or the recient Graces, but thats like comparing Zelda games. While some are better then others, most are...
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    Research Paper

    Hiya! Guess who, like 90% of all college students, procrastinated and has a Government research paper due tomorrow? To be fair, I DID just have the date wrong. I was planning on starting yesterday anyways...I just thought I had another week... Anyways, part of this paper involves me...
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    PS Vita Memory Troubles

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    PS Vita Memory Troubles

    Yep! Having issues with the thing. So naturally I turn to the internet's nicest and most helpful gaming-related website. Oookie dokie. I just recently obtained a PS3 for my birthday. This game with a subscription to Playstation Plus, which means a whole bunch of free-ish games availible for...
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    Poll: Chrono Trigger: Version differences.

    Do they have the same translation? I played the SNES version, the PS1 version, and the DS version, and there were differences in some places. The one that sticks out is that the old snes version had you in a "soup eating" contest in 65 million BC, whereas the DS had it replaced to be a...
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    Poll: Chrono Trigger: Version differences.

    Gracias for the help. Unfortunately, for my purposes, the DS version won't cut it. (Like I said, I'm recording this playthrough, and I only have a Dazzle.) But when it comes to anime cutscenes vs decent load times, I think I can do without the former. ^^;
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    Poll: Chrono Trigger: Version differences.

    Hello all! Looking to purchase a downloadable Chrono Trigger in the near future, and my options are between the PSN version, and the Virtual Console version. (I've long since lost my DS version, which to my understanding is the superior.) I plan on recording this playthrough...and currently, can...
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    Video game pricing?

    You guys make good points. Especially about how quickly games drop in price nowadays. Pbbb... Gracias. Its refreshing to hear an opinion that isn't draped in cynicism and darkness for the future of the industry. Then again, maybe I just hang out with the wrong people. :P Still, is $69...