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    Spielberg, Lucas Opine On Video Games' Future

    I agree with your points completely. Its funny to see so many of the old guard of movies, spielberg, lucas, Ebert decry games as having no emotional value or substance. Yet their claims ring hollow to me. Why? Because I have been emotionally moved by many many games before. Mass Effect, Kingdom...
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    Escapist News Now: South Park: The Stick of Truth E3 Preview

    Im not really concerned about the immature humor the host was, I spend all my time playing games like Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite. I love the amazing games, but some good old school fart and sex jokes will be a welcome change of pace for me.
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    The God of War Ascension Trailer: Holy Balls that is awesome

    Holy Shit I cannot express how moved I am by this trailer. I really hope they put as much passion into the game and story as this simple trailer does. My introduction to this series has always been through association instead of direct experience. Ie. I've never owned a PS3 and haven't had...
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    The Knight

    Or as with the last panel, it all happened in her head and she is still in the bar booth.
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    Space Janitors: Deck Crew: Drinks

    Meh, they can't all be A+ episodes. I'm sad they didn't mention the big bang burger place, or the resturant at the end of the universe.
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    Gay Oreo Inspires Internet Outrage

    the best part, their using facebook to do it. And facebook...supports gay rights!
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    Mass Effect 3: The Wall

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    Mass Effect 3: The Wall

    Well I don't mean the ones inside the citidel I mean on the outside of the hill where you wake up. They wern't their before. And half the bodies seem to be wearing phoniex armor which hasn't been seen in the series sense ME1. (the white and pink/red armor ashely first is wearing) The soldiers...
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    Mass Effect 3: The Wall

    My problem is that the new endings would never be as exciting or as cool as the indoctrination theory. As I tweeted to Grey, nothing can beat a mountain dew fueled conspiracy theory. I was right for the most part the new endings with the plot holes dry walled and patched just doesn't leave me...
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    The Spoony One has been ejected from That Guy With the Glasses.

    Yeah this clip is the perfect description of doug's arrival back to TGTWG HQ:
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    The Spoony One has been ejected from That Guy With the Glasses.

    Yeah its not like Escapist has ever had one of those! oh..wait..
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    Japanese Politicians Announce Plan to Build Gundams

    I know right? Space race to get a giant mech! /awwwyeah
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    If EA took over *blank*

    In reality you get that for a few reasons. The first being that most likely that bioware writers probably arn't gay but is trying to write a gay relationship. Second a real homosexual relationship from where I live would be a quiet scared short term thing between two people who desperately...
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    The Spoony One has been ejected from That Guy With the Glasses.

    What I always wondered is, A) Did Spoony behave improperly during the 4th year? B) The complaints via email is the reason that Spoony was fired yes? If so how many emails did you receive that convinced you to remove him? How many does say Doug or sage get?
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    The Spoony One has been ejected from That Guy With the Glasses.

    I think that was E3 2010 and to be honest, alot of the other CA contributions were nothing but softball, what spoony did was in the lobby not at their booth. All he did was 15-17 sec of rage saying that turning the series into a FPS was a betrayal of the franchise (which it was, and still is...