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    Poll: Which should I read?

    I'm 9 books into the Wheel of Time and proceeding out of sheer bloody-mindedness. I'd recommend just reading Dune instead.
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    Online Kombat

    Every character in the Tekken games is gay right? Except obviously Tetsujin and Mokujin who can go either way.
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    All Female A-Force Replaces The Avengers

    Not sure why She-Hulk is team leader. Captain Marvel, Storm, and even Black Widow all seem like better choices to me. She is still a hulk after all.
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    "GET OVER HERE!" phrases that are engraved in your brain years later

    Pretty much every bark from the command and conquer series is stuck in my head at this point. My absolute favourite has to be this one though, laughed my head off when I first heard it.
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    Escape to the Movies: Pacific Rim

    Now I know they're exceptions rather than rules but Primus and Unicron are both transformers the size of planets. I know I can't think of any one that's larger than that.
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    Favourite fictional currency?

    Red Orbs from Devil May Cry. Who doesn't want to pay for things with the CRYSTALLISED BLOOD OF DEMONS?
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    Which PC game are you playing now ?

    I've just started playing through Serious Sam myself,coincidentally. Got TFE and TSE and the HD remakes for a fiver on Steam. Those magnificent bastards know how to coax the money from my wallet bit by bit. Seriously.
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    Extra Punctuation: Building Sequels Badly

    Really feel I have to mention Zone of The Enders: The Second Runner as a sequel with a better story (and gameplay). The first one explained very little and then Second Runner explained the politics of the universe and finished the storyline with no loose ends really.
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    The Big Picture: Captains Courageous

    Pity you didn't mention the fact that Capatain Marvel Junior says "Captain Marvel" to activate his powers and so can't actually speak his name to anyone without transforming.
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    Your Final Theme

    During the fight I'd have Thunderstruck by AC/DC, and while succumbing to my wounds I'd have Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd(The live version from the 1980-81 tour CD). No way would I let myself die until that solo ended
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    What's your 'Alpha Strike'?

    I'd probably pretend to back away and when they got close enough come flying forward with a head butt. Usually the last thing people expect and my head is incredibly hard so even if I'm dazed afterwards they should be knocked the fuck out.
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    What is so great about Anime?

    Anime is just a style of animation. The problem you're having is that in film the visual style of a movie normally determines the tone and thematic elements of it. Take for example the Film Noir style. As soon as you see all that shadowy black and white you know you're in for gritty, hard...
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    Why We Love Zombies

    A few of these points were already kinda covered by Moviebob in his Zombieland review. I'm slightly surprised Yahtzee didn't toss a link in there.