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    Spider-Man: With Great Games, Comes Great Responsibility

    Actually, I'm pretty sure the pre-order bonus was just for early unlocks, the suits it unlocked were sprinkled throughout the list at different intervals, like they were meant to be unlocked later in the game. So you should be able to get it!
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    Spider-Man: With Great Games, Comes Great Responsibility

    It's pretty darn awesome! :3 though my favourite one asked to be the Stark suit, at least when it comes to taking screenshots.
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    Spider-Man: With Great Games, Comes Great Responsibility

    Photo mode is freaking addicting, and I normally don't mess around with that mode at all. But between all of the filters, costumes and the multitude of animations for swinging and combat, it's just such a perfect fit. And look! I even found puddles while snapping pics!
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    A Response to God of War 4

    The thing is, how exactly does one go bigger and better than God of War 3 if we're talking about that old formula? Sony Santa Monica seemed to have not a single clue, as their solution after the game's release was to go for prequels that would by necessity tone down the scale and stakes, since...
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    How could Disney redeem itself from The Last Jedi?

    I will say that as someone who thought the movie was 'okay,' the thing that disappointed me more than anything was that it ended up coloring a little too much 'in the lines.' Gonna spoiler tag the rest, don't know how spoiler friendly the thread is. Between that, a subplot that felt like...
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    Scalebound Canceled as Microsoft and Platinum Part Ways

    o_o Really glad I decided to hold off on getting the Xbox One until after this came out; it isn't that the system doesn't have games on it I'd play, mind you, but there's a difference between 'A Game I'd Play On A System I Own' and 'A Game I'd Buy A System To Play.' Sunset Overdrive is still...
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    Steam is NOT Offering Special Exceptions For No Man's Sky Refunds

    Even when I was really irritated at the amount of stuff missing/stripped down/dumbed down/downgraded compared to virtually every interview and video that was available before release, I had chalked it up to Murray basically being a successor to Molyneux. I.e., not malicious or deliberately...
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    Sony Refund Policy Criticized Following No Man's Sky Launch

    I just got a refund, and considering all these reports, I was actually surprised at how painless the process was. xP Although, to be fair, the reason I sought the refund was because my game's crashing issues were actually getting WORSE in some respects with the most recent patches, now dying...
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    No Mans Sky tips.

    I've got to double down on the whole 'Don't Do The Whole Get To The Center Of The Galaxy' thing, and instead suggest setting whatever other goals you can think of. In my experience, the sheer number of jumps and black holes needed to reach it mean a fairly constant grind for warp cell building...
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    No Man's Sky Leaked

    So worth noting that the guy with the copy is sharing additional details about his experience on Reddit, though he has decided not to post any additional videos. I believe that the subreddit has a mega thread up for spoiler information gleaned from his impressions , but anyone wanting to...
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    No Man's Sky Trailer Shows What You'll Have to Do to Survive on Alien Planets

    Indeed! Looking forward to it; even elements of combat contain survival-related perils. The shield that protects your suit, and presumably fleshy body, doesn't simply auto-regenerate ala Halo, you actually need to keep it charged with resources. Weapon needs resources to be recharged with...
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    No Man's Sky Trailer Shows What You'll Have to Do to Survive on Alien Planets

    It's kind of in the air what the penalties for death are going to be. Very early interviews suggested that if your ship was destroyed, you ended up on a planet or station with just a bare-boned 'escape pod' vessel you had to build back up from scratch, more or less, as if you were beginning the...
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    No Man's Sky Trailer Shows What You'll Have to Do to Survive on Alien Planets

    The way the trailer's presented, I almost get the image of the player character just getting ragdolled from one hazardous doom situation to the other, with mounting stress and terror as the computer nags him incessantly, until in the very last shot he just announces 'Nopenopenope, I'M OUT' and...
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    Latest No Man's Sky Trailer Shows Off Trading, Resource Collection

    It's hard to say how the game is going to develop going forward; Hello Games has said that if it does well enough for them to not immediately have to start making a Joe Danger port or something to keep the bills paid, they'd like to keep working on it. There's apparently ideas and mechanics they...
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    No Man's Sky is starting to look a bit rubbish.

    I've actually kind of wondered whether going the route of E3, the partnership with Sony, etc, is going to do the game more good or ill in the long run, from a PR point of view. (Personally, the partnership means I get to get a physical copy, so that's a win for me! xP) On the one hand, the...