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    Disgaea PC Port Announced

    There's also a mistake in saying the franchise has been released up to the PS3. It had a recent release on the ps4 as well.
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    Harmonix to Crowdfund Next Game Through Fig

    Ha... HAHAHAHAHA! Hahahahaha. I guess Harmonix doesn't want to make that game then. No, seriously... No one is really going to use Fig. They have Kickstarter, they have Indiegogo, and they have Steam Early Access along with site-specific crowd funding. Fig's current darling has barely cleared...
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    Rising Thunder - How We Learn Fighting Games and Why It's a Problem

    I'm more disappointed in the analogy trying to compare the knight to the hadouken. The knight is your shoryuoken. Pawns, or Rooks at most, are the Hadouken. And what really "stops" people from "really" playing fighting games (I threw up a little in my mouth because of that statement, by the...
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    Comcast Admits 300GB Data Cap Isn't A Techincal Requirement

    It's all rather simple and doesn't require any real knowledge of laws. Money. If anti-trust laws WERE being enforced, you'd have more than just cable companies getting slammed. Cable, television, oil companies, pharmaceuticals, you name it 80% of them would likely be in trouble. Instead, the...
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    Few Would Play Star Wars Battlefront Single-Player Campaign, Says EA COO

    Sorry to tell you, but your expectation would be let down severely. I don't raid hardcore, much less raid. So please... Don't try and stereotype me and base your entire post on that weak fallacy. They screwed up at launch because, AS I SAID, they lacked any end game. That doesn't mean just...
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    Few Would Play Star Wars Battlefront Single-Player Campaign, Says EA COO

    Pachinko. Not pinball. There is a painfully blatant difference between the two, starting with one actually has you interacting with the game in some manner. I'll let you figure out which is which.
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    Few Would Play Star Wars Battlefront Single-Player Campaign, Says EA COO

    ... Does he know anything about The Old Republic? That isn't an example of planning things well in advance...? The market WASNT calling for the game to be free to play, the terrible design choices, barebones system and any real lack of... Anything, really, is what called for the free to play...
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    "Now THAT'S Bunny," and Making Audiences Care

    I think I need to disagree about the assertion that Penn and Teller forgot about the "little girl" part of the Bunny in a Hat trick. Considering that you wouldn't have children attending a show like that... Having a little girl on stage to get the rabbit would be ridiculous. They also don't need...
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    Dragon Quest XI Revealed for PS4 and 3DS

    Hey, as long as it's more like 8 and less like the fecal abomination that was 9, I'm game for a new Dragon Quest! And since it'll be on ps4 as well, it means they can't lock out giant chunks of the post-game content behind spot pass crap. Which... Well, is already a giant plus to me...
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    Fictional Shia LaBeouf DLC Announced For Sonic Generations Via Hilarious Video

    Nothing started. Just for me, and seeing how strong and interesting Sonic and its universe can get (again, see Sonic SatAM), it feels like a cheap cash in. It's similar to how I feel with Mighty No. 9. They kickstart the game, great! I love me some Mega Man. Then they announce an animated...
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    Ant-Man's Opening Weekend Second Worst in MCU History

    A reason it's performance may of been deflated is that, After Ultron, what major thing will he serve as...? Considering he was the comic 's creator of Ultron and the budget for the film likely knew that too, his role overall has yet to really see much. Of course, I haven't seen the movie yet and...
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    Fictional Shia LaBeouf DLC Announced For Sonic Generations Via Hilarious Video

    Overall it's pretty good. I'd say a win up until that last bit when they mention "Sonic Boom" and "Hit series" in the same sentence without any irony present. That show is hot, steamy garbage that's far from a hit, much less a decent series. Shallow, 1-note personalities painted over characters...
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    8 Ridiculous Rules From the New Warhammer Age of Sigmar

    So... Age of Unglued...? Ungluedhammer? That's what 7 out of 8 rules shout at me... All rule 7 is missing is the requirements of some Warhammer-related Tremors series references (movies or tv show) being required for the effect. Naught worse than the BFG, I imagine. A 99/99 with trample is...
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    Why Symphony of the Night Is Not True Castlevania

    I have a number of issues with this article, and only one of them is immediately apparent. The title is painfully misleading. This isn't a "why SotN isn't Castlevania" so much as "why I have a boner for Super Castlevania 4, and all the misguided opinion-laden reasons why this is the only true...
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    Square Enix Announces Figure Heads, a New Five-on-Five Shooter

    So... When we post "low content" messages, that's warning worthy... But if a news writer does it, it's perfectly fine? Good to know! Snark aside... Looks like 5v5 team based shooter with large kinda scrappy looking robots being piloted by girls of a "might be legal" age, of which you can...