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    So, Pirates are Playing Diablo 3

    Well I can't deny that I've been disconnected quite a few times, but I forget all that when I jump in the action. Maybe I just love Diablo too much to realize the magnitude of the issue here.
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    So, Pirates are Playing Diablo 3

    DRM sucks, no question there. But the game is awesome. Isn't that the only thing that should matter?
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    Diablo III: The best F2P game never made.

    Well, I don't like the RMAH and the DRM either, but nothing I do will change that. The only solution is to ... oh, I don't know, maybe NOT USE the RMAH? Besides, I'm more interested in the slaying and looting than the greed and stupid.
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    Poll: So Diablo III is two weeks away

    Well ... there is a shit-ton of lore and backstory to it ... And the story is presumably about saving the world from the Lord of Terror (again)
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    Poll: So Diablo III is two weeks away

    Well the haven't really affected my decision too, it's just that I would have been a lot happier if it had an offline mode.
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    Poll: So Diablo III is two weeks away

    Ah yes, I remember the first time I played D2. It was my dad's Barbarian in the Kurast jungle. Not two minutes have passed when I was ambushed by those fucking tribesmen with the towering flamethrower. Then I died. And cried. Well, I was around 5 years, but it was still a traumatic event. Those...
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    Poll: So Diablo III is two weeks away

    Isn't "I haven't decided yet" close enough?
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    Poll: So Diablo III is two weeks away

    Will you be getting it in spite of it's DRM, Real Money AH and vast change from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction? Why(not)?
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    Games Not Worth Playing

    Pretty much everything that comes out annually (sports, racing, most Wii titles etc.)
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    Criticise your favourite game

    Assassin's Creed II can be very cheap at times. Devil May Cry 3 has some ... "meh" quality cutscenes. Diablo 2 is just a huge, time-consuming grindfest. Prototype has some weak graphics, and the camera is a bit troublesome Tekken 1 - The characters looked ridiculous. Especially Gun...
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    Favorite videogame one liner.

    "Shepard" -Grunt
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    Can we talk about the "friend zone" and "nice guys" for a moment?

    I'm tired of this whole "Friendzone" thing. Guys are starting to sound like women - "That selfish *****! How DARE she not like me? All women are bitches!" ... Enough, you whiny douchebags! No one wants to listen to your problems! Be a man and move on with your life
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    So Spark Unlimtied is NOT Making Battlefront 3..

    Well fuck ... I love Battlefront 2 :( I guess no one respects Star Wars anymore
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    If you could tame and domesticate one exotic animal.....

    Does a bear count? I love bears. Those cute, big, fluffy motherfuckers are adorable! Also - Bear Cavalry!
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    The simplest, easiest, cleanest way to fix the ME3 ending.

    In it's current state? Shepard gets killed by Harbinger's beam and the Reapers destroy everything. I can't possibly see how Shepard (and the galaxy) can defeat a fleet of giant killer space squids with unspecified brainwashing capabilities. Oh sure you could remake the Crucible to send a...