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    Most memorable opening line in a game

    "The more things change, the more they stay the same. Boundaries shift, new players step in, but power always finds a place to rest its head. We fought and bled alongside the Russians. We shoulda known they'd hate us for it. History is written by the victor. And here I am, thinking we'd won. But...
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    Poll: Should people wait until they're married to have sex?

    My religion holds no stigma against it, but instead condones it. My pops always said that you need to go to the batting cages a few times before you try and play at the world series. I mean, most religious rules where meant for silver age tribesmen instead of people from the 2000. (as my...
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    Letters to Skyrim

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    Letters to Skyrim

    Dear Skyrim, Firstly let me express my profound sorrow and confusion in my actions. Many days ago i entered your fair country, riddled with civil war and poverty, in shackles. Since then i have risen to be the head of a few of your prominent organizations, the companions and a secretive and...
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    Stormcloaks are too mainstream.

    As Luke Skywalker once said "The Rebels killed my father, long live the Empire!" Yes they are racist, and yes their are reason that they should not be supported. But the Empire outlawed a religion, arresting and executing individuals who prayed to Talos, this religious bigotry does not out...
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    Why it is acceptable to criticize smokers, but not fat people?

    Unless you have ever been to a comic book convention. BAM! OT: While i do not agree with how people are treat smokers, it should not be socially acceptable to criticize either groups. I mean fuck, have you seen the people that tattoo and pierce 90 percent of their body, and they get news...
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    Trenchcoats Anonymous

    He sat, as he always sat, sitting diligently. Vague and purposefully, his trench coat trench coatingly flailing in the trenching breeze. They stood, not as they always say, standing federally. Eyes twisted and starring at things that needed to be twisted and starred at, blades glinting in...
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    What are you being for Halloween?

    I want to go as Spider Jerusalem, but i lack the glasses. and i was to busy over the weekend to rig a pair
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    Poll: which deadly sin do you commit the most often?

    Pride, lust, wrath, and sloth. I am proud of who i am and what i do, i hate alot of random people and get angered, i am to lazy to act on that anger or most school work, and i am a man. of course i lust.
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    Why is bullying still an issue?

    Give every kid a copy of enders game. Have them read the first three chapters. Teach them to win, and to win so hard the bully never comes back. I had one bully, one time. We fought. After that no bullies
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    Depending on the level, the large phalic tower in the center of the map, or if it is in a city the phalic shape of the building. Not to mention the rank structure, a Chevron is a stand in for masculinity. The more chevrons(dicks on your sleeves) you have the more powerful you are and they...
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    My theory about Dead Island.

    I am not playing it souly because i have been to busy to get my copy. But rest assured. When i do i will play the shit out of it.
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    Has/did your school ever pull a dick move?

    Yes. My school dropped me from classes while i was on an active duty training exercise. When i got back i had to scramble to get the rest of my tuition and get back my classes. After i figured that out, the school owed me about 2 thousand dollars. They said i would get that on the 24th...
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    Is Skyrim promoting bestiality?

    I think you are missing the real point here. What will happen when the Red Guard start dating and marrying the Nords, or god forbid the Imperials! We just can't have this, it will ruin the voice of the Emperor. Society will break down, we all know those Red Guards are nothing but...
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    Need your help finding an old game.

    Have you tried the games Primal Prey or Carnivores? They might be what your looking for.