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    Oh shit they picked......

    Akuma. Fucking Akuma. Dear God, every asshole I've met online picks this guy since most of his attacks are OP as hell. Tons of high damage attacks that make juggling so ridiculously easy for him.
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    Cop Blames Videogames For Sandy Hook Massacre

    "These guns, one of them an AR-15, in the hands of a violent, insane gamer. It was like porn to a rapist," Suck my balls, officer. Correlation is not causation, and saying "Herp derp porn and gaems are bad mmkay" smacks of a cop-out statement made to not piss off the "Moar guns"...
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    EA Brings Microtransactions to Dead Space 3

    I don't really see a whole lot of difference between that and the other weapon/armor packs from DS1 and 2: They're both optional transactions that don't add anything meaningful to the game other than just extra equipment or resources, and the game can be played perfectly fine without them. Don't...
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    EA Brings Microtransactions to Dead Space 3

    Yet you people didn't give a shit when DS1 and 2 had a shitload of DLC weapons and armor a'la the weapon and armor packs for ME2 and ME3? Sorry, but glass houses, people.
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    EA Brings Back its Harsh Beta EULA

    Okay, I liked the Extended Cut, but that made me laugh. Bravo. XD OT: Yeah, I can't take this seriously at all. EA can't really communicate well with customers with regards to anything at all, so I have to ask what's the point of this EULA. Even worse: This is coming from its legal...
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    Retail jobs: the dumbest customer question you've been asked?

    Do WiiU games work on a Wii? Shit you not.
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    Dead Island Torso Statue: Misogynistic? Stupid? Both? Neither?

    I'm angry at it not because it's disgusting or tasteless, but because it's the worst possible thing they could've used to promote their game. Imagine if Portal came out with a disembodied turret with no legs or moving parts for its collector's edition, or if Mass Effect came out with just the...
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    Creative ending credits

    The Smash Bros. series springs to mind: Every game's end credit-sequence doubles as a shooting gallery.
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    Microsoft Prohibits Gamers From Cashing in on YouTube

    Not a smart idea at all. With Halo 4 just around the corner and an entire community itching to release footage on YouTube, MS is kneecapping themselves in the long run by placing a shackle on their community. I have a bad feeling that this will end up dividing the YouTube/Machinima community and...
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    "Unavoidable" Global Bacon Shortage Expected Next Year

    Oh man, so many people must be fucking pissed at Epic Meal Time. Expect a Jack Daniels shortage in the same year.
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    Capcom's Latest Scheme: More Sequels, Shortened Development Time

    So more sequels of the only two IPs that Capcom hasn't bludgeoned into the fucking ground yet. There's a word for that: It's called stagnation.
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    EA Turns Its Back on Single-Player Games

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Good luck with that. Social gaming's a bubble that's about to burst, and that strategy isn't going to stop EA from continuing to tank horribly. See you in hell, cockshiners. The gaming industry will not miss you.
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    Ubisoft Ditches Always-On DRM

    Ubisoft, you jack-offs have been saying this since ACII launched on the PC and each year you've been saying "It's gone." I'm not going to believe you until you A: Remove it entirely, B: Get rid of fucking Uplay, and C: Embrace Steamworks. Up until then, I'm watching very carefully.
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    Black Ops 2 Preview and Changes:

    Even if it was incredibly easy to max out CoD points, I still love the idea of in-game currency to purchase weapons and perks. It created a balance that gave boosters less incentive to boost through the game or rely on one weapon or attachment. Even if there were issues with the way sniper...