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    Former GameStop VP Gets 51 Months For Mail Fraud

    It is the whole 'Threatening to end someone's life with a weapon.' that is the issue, not the amount of money stolen.
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    Escapist Podcast: 083: SimCity, Story-Based RPGs and Google Glass

    Unfortunately I will no longer be listening to this podcast. I do not have the bandwidth to be watching long videos and as the audio is only available on iTunes I can not download it. The iTunes software is one program I no longer use due to changes in it I dislike.
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    Your ISP May Prevent You From Getting Free Internet Access

    Microsoft could do this in a very pro-Windows way. Just make it so only authorized Microsoft made devices could connect to the free network. That would be a pretty good reason to by Windows software. It could also be done with each individual copy of the OS having a code with it that you must...
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    Break Out Your Dice, Classic D&D is Legal Again

    MythWeavers is an online community for PnP games such as D&D. You can make character sheets and play through their forums in many games, D&D and otherwise. The community is also pretty friendly and glad to help. If you decide to join up my name on there is DuncanVicente. Feel free to add me...
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    Need Castles, Towns and Cities (D&D 3.5E)

    Hey Escapists. I am planning a D&D 3.5E Campaign and I have run into a bit of difficulty. I am the kind of person that pretty much needs to have an image reference for everything and I have found out how difficult this can be. I am short for a large number of locations in my game and I do not...
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    Jimquisition: Review Scores Are Not Evil

    To me game scores do not work like they seem to for some others. I dont think they can work for comparing two games as much as saying how much a game lived up to the potential of its concept. Though some concepts are so bad there is no winning.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Rapidfire 3, Episode 4

    When did our Prime Minister develop such a vibrant personality?
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    You can say one sentence and everyone on earth will hear it.

    "I just lost the game."
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    Nintendo Denies Wii U "Accidental Hack"

    Seems plausible as a "We removed actual code but not the GUI parts." sort of issue. I have encountered it in plenty of places before. The kid probably tried using it but discovered it did nothing so said he did not try to gain attention.
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    Spike Announces 2012 Video Game Award Nominees

    I get why people complain about this but I dont really see much to complain about in the nominations. You might not like some of the games because YOU THINK they are too similar to the last one in the series but those are probably the best made and received shooters all year.
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    Poll: Easy Mode

    Almost always good. As long as it is done well. In fact playing games on Easy is something I do if I just want the story or to see what happens before it angers me because I keep dying. Or if I just want to mow down enemies to kill time.
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    Names you just can't keep a straight face to

    Guys with girl names always make t hard to keep a straight face. Things like Ashley, Dana, Sydney, Jamie etc. Edit: Read thread after posting. I am sorry. Dont Hurt me....
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    Florida Man Killed for His Magic Cards

    This sounds like a "Worth a lot of money." thing than a "We want it." sort of thing. Edit: And just saying 100,000 dollars is not a small amount of money. People can be hired to kill for less.
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    Halo 4 Sexism Earns You a Lifetime Ban

    This could be really good or really bad depending on the level it is taken to. It is quite common to shout rude things and depending on the game you were in it is generally considered fine as long as it does not get out of hand. If they only use it against constant and legitimate sexism that is...
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    do you pre-order or buy games day 1 ?

    Halo 4 Legendary Pre-Ordered. I will buy any single player DLC they release. Map packs are a maybe as I am not big on multiplayer. Elder Scrolls Skyrim Pre-Ordered. Bought al DLC the first chance I could. Mass Effect 3 Preordered. No DLC. Dont play that game anymore.