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    Poll: Greatest General of World War 2

    I remember when General Hitler won the battle of New Orleans.
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    The New Shiny Escapist

    Well, I do this kind of thing for a living and hopefully my advice will not fall upon deaf ears. First some positives. It's a lot more streamlined and accessible which is great. You all have made it easier to get to content from one location without too much confusion. It's not a big deal...
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    Modern Warfare 3 Breaks Every Sales Record Known to Man

    "I don't like the game, therefore it must be bad." Seriously everyone? Get off your elitist high-horse. At least be happy that the medium of video games is having such a significant impact world-wide.
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    Escapecraft: The Big Build

    Nah. We're based in the USA. We just like having the token Brit narrate for us because, wow, you guessed it, we would love to be like a more dapper'er Yahtzee. I mean, gosh, I'm amazed you deduced that. You are a super sleuth, sir, and I commend you for not jumping to any form of conclusion...
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    Escapecraft: The Big Build

    Huh, I never knew my name appeared in the credits. I feel loved now.
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    Adult Escapists: What do you do for a living?

    Head Graphic Designer at a university while also doing some freelance on the side.
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    "Diet, Lite" are Four-Letter Words

    Less fat, less sugar, less calories, less taste.
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    Gaddafi is dead

    What a shame. He was this close to making General.
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    Poll: heroes of might and magic

    The series stopped being good after 3.
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    What's so great about skinny women?

    Hey, fatties need loving too. But they gotta pay.
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    Love, why can't you find it?

    Good heavens, the amount of self-esteem in here is staggering. /sarcasm Don't sell yourselves short, everyone.
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    Poll: Comic Sans: what do you think of it.

    If something is written in Comic Sans, I will not take it seriously. The curse of being a Graphic Designer is that you see terrible typography everywhere.
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    Woman Reveals Sale Of Son On Facebook, Gets Busted

    The wiser thing she should have done is rent her child out for labor. Easily make more money that way.
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    Are these forums really useful?

    Erm, so why was Generic banned when he offered a thoughtful opinion on a majority of the community here? If anything it was constructive criticism and that's never a bad thing but should be looked at for improvement.
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    Moments of Brilliance

    Cookie Bowls! - My God. This Changes Everything. I cannot even believe that I have never heard about something so simple, yet so awesome before. Has anyone else stumbled across moments of brilliance like this? Something so simple, but makes a significant difference?