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    Right-wing coup in Bolivia

    Democracy is only legitimate once the servile fascists say it is.
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    Is there the equivalent of spelling bees in other languages?

    Not really. French has dict?es, but I can't recall a single proper spelling bee.
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    Nintendo Direct September 4 at 3pm PT

    Kotaku pretty much spoiled an Overwatch port. Also, seeing as the mask is now off on Smash's 4th DLC fighter, I'd assume we'll get our SNK newcomer reveal. Hoping for Mai or a Metal Slug rep, expecting Terry Bogart.
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    Can a Fanbase Ever Be "Owed" Something?

    It's kind of a problematic question. Taking the Gurm example, most people bought his books and supported his work with the implicit promise that they'd get a conclusion, good or bad. For him to reneg on that and take his sweet ass time releasing The Winds of Winter and to jump from one side...
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    Why you should play fighting games

    Low Tier God is seen as being an absolute joke though, on the same level as Darksydephil when he used to compete. My personal limited experience with the FGC has been all in all positive, though there is definitely a hygiene problem in it.
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    Who would you cast as Ursula for Disney's live action Little Mermaid?

    Damn, that's a pretty great call. I still have trouble seeing her as anything else than Soph from Peep Show, but she'd be great as Ursula.
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    Game of Thrones Final Season Discussion Thread. (SPOILERS ABOUND, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

    Don't watch past season 4. Books are good, but be prepared with frustration at the author dragging his feet and taking forever to release any new content if you ever get involved with the series. It's been fucking two years since he released Aeron I.
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    [Politics]How long until we eat the rich?

    Last time I checked, Cuba still rules itself, with a better literacy rate, infant mortality rate, and per capita contribution to humanitarian causes than the States. All that success while being neighbour to the strongest nation in the world, which is constantly trying to sabotage it. It...
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    Welp ProJared's career on the internet is now forever destroyed.

    I'd think Fogle would be the first Jared one goes to when thinking "creep"
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    What 2019 games you are expecting a Masterpiece?

    They've already started a closed beta, that's a close indicator of the game being almost ready to release, even if only in early access. Sent you a reply with the invite by the by.
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    [Politics]How long until we eat the rich?

    What solution is there beyond increased redistribution, thing which will never be enough considering the amount of incrementalists we have on the "progressive" side, and the complete disdain for anything redistribution-related among conservatives? Unless you can come up with a valid solution...
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    What 2019 games you are expecting a Masterpiece?

    This is the only reasonable answer. Also I don't know, maybe Animal Crossing Switch will be a neat game to cool off and chill.
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    [POLITICS] If Trump is Innocent, he should prove it

    I hope you realize the hilarity of you condemning her (and people like her) for using the term Nazi too often on one line, and then compare her to the SA in another.
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    Game of Thrones Final Season Discussion Thread. (SPOILERS ABOUND, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

    That's the thing though, he's not caught in a sarcophagus, he's given as much money as he desires, which allows him to exert power on commoners and lower noblemen as much as he wants. He flaunts his gold and lineage whenever he wants something done, and it usually happens. His father made him...
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    Game of Thrones Final Season Discussion Thread. (SPOILERS ABOUND, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

    I by far preferred the way this was handled in the books, where it's clear that Tyrion is disillusioned about everything. He's got a massive victim complex that takes him up to ADwD to even partially overcome (he's born to the richest family on the continent, he is most definitely not an...